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Our higher education lawyers for students in the UK have a success rate of over 98% in preparing university academic appeals and representing students from all disciplines. 



Our higher education law solicitors in London have an excellent track-record in achieving the desired outcome if you choose us for legal advice in education law, whether it is to do with the preparation of your academic appeal to a university due to deregistration, expulsion from university, your studies are terminated, an accusation of academic misconduct such as plagiarism, fabrication of data,  or collusion and/or to represent you before a fitness to practice panel, a fitness to study panel, other panel hearing or making a complaint to the OIA.

Our university solicitors acting for students will work closely with you and support you each step of the way. This is borne out by the testimonials that we have received from students. We will adopt a very methodical approach in the preparation of your case and leave no stone unturned. Hence the reason why we have had such a high success rate as education solicitors. In the education law services we provide, we bring a wealth of experience to each of the cases we work on.


5 StarsDental Student successfully appealed and now back at Dental School after termination of studies in third year


I came to RT Coopers Solicitors when I thought I was out of my comfort zone, physically and psychologically down and felt deserted. I not only received excellent support which got me readmission into university, after being harshly told to resign, but I also received the outstanding push and motivation which I required to aid with my recovery from depression. I thoroughly recommend RT Coopers Solicitors as I feel that the support provided to me and my family was invaluable and indispensable. And I feel that Rosanna's motivation helped motivate me to broaden my skill set and increase my confidence in myself.’ MA Zubair


As expressed by one of our clients who was then a medical student and now a medical doctor, our 'technical expertise in this field of education is second to none'.
We assure you that we are an education law firm that makes a difference in students’ lives, especially when you are faced with such a daunting and emotionally draining period of your life. You can also be assured that we will give you an honest appraisal of your case. As expressed by one of our student clients, we would 'work relentlessly to provide a waterproof appeal for you' 









Our Services to University Students


Our academic appeals solicitors represent a number of students and an education solicitor will represet you in your academic dispute, including your university appeal. Our university education lawyers have successfully advised, assisted and represented a number of medical, MBA and dentistry students as well as as undergraduates and post graduates in all other disciplines by drafting appeals, making representations before panels and attending meetings with you, where appropriate and an education  lawyer would be pleased to represent you.


Some of our education law legal services include:


Internal Appeal
  • Advising, assisting and representing you in internal appeals against university decisions. Preparing the appeal for you in line with your university appeals procedure, the findings from our case research and our expertise in higher education law
  • Advising, assisting and representing you if accused of cheating and drafting your academic appeal
Collusion, Plagiarism, Misconduct
  • Advising, assisting and representing you if accused of collusion,  plagiarism and drafting your academic appeal
Deregistration, Deregistered, Withdrawn
  • Advising, assisting and representing you if deregistered or withdrawn from university; drafting your academic  appeal
 Expulsion from university
  • Advising, assisting and representing you if expelled and drafting your academic appeal
Exclusion from university
  • Drafting your academic appeal, advising, assisting and representing you if excluded from university
Falsification, Fabrication of Data
  • Drafting your academic appeal, advising, assisting and representing you if accused or found guilty of falsification of fabrication of Data
Fitness to Study
  • Advising, assisting and representing you at Fitness to Study Panel hearings and drafting your statement and appeal
Fitness to Practice


Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIA)
  • Advising and assisting you in the preparation of your complaint to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIA) and drafting your complaint
Determination whether Home or Overseas student
  • Advising, assisting with the determination of students' fee status - whether you should be classed as home or overseas
MBA, MPhil, PhD and Post Doctoral studies
  • Advising, assisting with issues concerning your post graduate and research degree such as MBA, MPhil, PhD and post doctoral studies and drafting your appeal or complaint
  • Drafting your appeal, advising, assisting and representing you if your studies are terminated by the university




Call our Education Solicitors today on 0207 488 9947 or complete our online enquiry form.



5 Stars Parent of Medical Student
Rosanna, It has been nearly a year since we have known you at a time that was looking complicated. Since then we have been impressed and admiring of your always outstanding support in a clever, kind and timely way. You were always present when it was difficult or important. No matter whether it was holidays, week-ends or very late evenings you were there when we needed you. We were also impressed to see how you could put together a bunch of ideas which were not always clear in the beginning, and structure them in a very appropriate manner.  You supported our son through the long process of appeal and complaint while keeping him strong and focused. You are not only a lawyer but a lot more: a specialist of the human being in many of its facets. Thank you for your invaluable and caring support, for keeping his spirits up and for helping him regain confidence throughout this long and exhausting process. Thanks to you the ordeal came to an end with a successful outcome. In addition you have taught our son a lot about how to face and deal with difficulties. You have taught him a lesson for life. Thank you for working with your heart. Thank you also to your team especially Jenny and Tariq for their kindness, efficiency and help. MB 
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