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Our elite team of food solicitors are outstanding in the legal services we provide to the food and drink sector. Our food & drink lawyers will advise you on all areas of the food and drink chain including, labelling and packaging, composition, production and processing, food safety, hygiene audits, biological and chemical safety, foods for particular nutritional uses (PARNUTS), foods for special medical purposes , HACCP as well as health and nutritional claims. A food and drink solicitor will provide you with the highest quality legal advice whether you are a manufacturer, agribusiness, in production, a processor, distributor, importer or you require advice on enforcement.   .   

​Our team of specialist food labelling lawyers will ensure that your food products' labelling and packaging meet EU requirements and national laws. A specialist food lawyer will review and advise you on your labelling & packaging, advertising, allergens, presentation, import, export, distribution, licensing  and sale of your products.


We highly recommend their professional services to any company looking for a high standard legal

advice/solution with integrity and honesty.” David Raimundo, Director of Medis Health Ltd


Our Services

Some of the food & drink law services provided by our food law firm are as follows:


  • Advice on food allergens in your products and on achieving compliance

Borderline Food

  • Advice on whether your food products are borderline and whether they should be classified as food products or medicinal products
Confectionery Products
  • Advice on the manufacture, supply and importation of confectionery products
  • Labelling and packaging of confectionery products
Contract Manufacturing
  • Drafting contracts for contract manufacturing of foods
  • Negotiating contracts

Dietary Foods for Special Medical Purposes (FSMPs)

  • Advice on the composition of FSMPs, labelling requirements and nutritional health claims
Distribution of Food Products
  • Drafting and negotiating distribution Agreements
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Intellectual Property Advice

Foods for Special Medical Purposes for Infants

  • Advice on Food for Special Medical Purposes for Infants, advertising, compositional requirements, labelling, nutrition and health claims


  • Advice on food whether the food additives in your food products are within EU guidelines


Food Advertising, Marketing and Presentation

  • Advice on your advertising and presentation of your food products and whether your advertising and presentation of your food products are within EU guidelines


  • Advice on food composition


Contamination / Foreign Objects in Food

  • Advice on food contaminants and whether your food products fall within the EU guidelines

Enforcement Advice/Trading Standards

  • Advice on Food Law Code of Practice and compliance with Hygiene and Food Safety Requirements
  • Advice and how to assist with how to achieve Hygiene and Food Safety Regulations
  • Preparation for FSA Audit to ensure compliance
  • Advice on how to deal with situations involving allegations of breaches and/or being  served with food law enforcement notice or hygiene improvement notice

Foods for Particular Nutritional Uses (PARNUTS)

  • Advice on reimbursements

Health Claims

  • Reviewing your food health claims to ensure they fall within the regulations and advising you accordingly of compliance


Food Hygiene

  • Advice on food hygiene legislation
  • Advice on the requisite standards of food hygiene and how to be compliant
  • Food hygiene leaflet
  • Advice on import/export of food products
  • Terms of business
  • Commercial contracts

Labelling and Packaging

  • Review and analysis of your labels and packaging
  • Advice on whether your current food labels and packaging are compliant: whether they meet the regulations and laws  to ensure your product labelling and packaging are compliant with current food laws
  • Advice on Allergens and Additives
  • Dedicated Food Labelling Webpage
  • Advice on licensing and licensing agreements
  • Licensing of a brand
  • Licensing of your products
  • Drafting and negotiating licensing agreements


Food Safety

  • Advice on meeting food safety standards and how to achieve this
  • British Retail Consortium Standard for Food Safety

Processing and Production

  • Advice on food composition and labelling requirements and information that must be provided to consumers
  • Advice on food safety and hygiene to ensure compliance


Food Standards, Certification and Storage 

  • Advice on the levels of food standards and your methods and how to ensure your storage methods are within the regulations and laws
  • Groceries Supply Code of Practice  
  • Food Assurance and Certification
  •  Safer Food Better Business
Sale and Purchase  
  • Conducting Due Diligence
  • Drafting and Negotiating your Heads of Agreement/Memorandum of Understanding
  • Drafting and Negotiating your Share Purchase Agreement to Completion
  • Sale and Purchase of Food Business
  • Sale and Purchase of Food Company

Waste Disposal / Resource Disposal

  • Advice on UK and EU food waste legislation
  • Advice on how you dispose of waste such as, packaging, batteries and equipment
  • Renewable energy

Infant Food

  • Advice on the laws (EU law) around infant food formulation and labelling
  • Advice on food contamination
Food Manufacture/Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Agreements
  • Commercial Agreements
  • Commercial Law Advice
  • Food Hygiene
  • Food Safety

Misleading Descriptions in Food under the Misleading Advertising Regulations

  • Advice on how to avoid mis-descriptions and misleading advertising. Conducting regular audits on your advertising, as is required by the law


Nutrition Declaration

  • Advice on whether the national declarations you make

Nutrition Labelling

  • Advice on whether your current nutrition labels meet the regulations and laws and to ensure your nutrition labelling is compliant with current laws


Nutrition and Health Claims


Product Recall

  • Assistance with any product recall

Provision of Food Information to Consumers

  • Advice on the food information that you have to present to consumers, including pre-packed and non-pre-packed food and information on allergen listing (certain food causing allergies or intolerances), special storage conditions, conditions of use and nutrition declaration

Supermarket audits

  • Advise and assistance with your supermarket audits

Supply Chain Security

  • Specialists advice on your supply chain security working with security experts


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“'Working with the regulatory team at RT Coopers was a real pleasure. They took the time to understand our requirements and was patient with my many follow up questions. They provided excellent advice that we could rely on with confidence. A thoroughly professional firm of solicitors with great support staff. I would not hesitate in recommending the firm to anyone who needs solid legal advice. Thank you.


Prash Lagisetti


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