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Our expert media lawyers in our media and entertainment law firm achieve sensational success representing media companies and artists Naturally, our music lawyers are specialists in media and entertainment law in all matters relating to creative arts such as music law, dance, films, theatre, mobile content, digital technology, internet and television.


A music lawyer will represent you if you are a musician, actor, director, producer, television personality, sports person and any company in this sector.


When you instruct our media law firm, our media and entertainment lawyers will invest a lot of time to ensure that your business needs and objectives are comprehensively met. You can expect remarkable results from our specialist entertainment law firm when you become a client of this firm.  


Clearly specialists in media law, RT Coopers have always
delivered a thorough, professional service, making us feel as 
if we are the only client they are dealing with at that time. 
This is the Law Firm to have on your side.
Steve Plummer, Financial Director, One Eyed Dog Films Ltd

Our Services

Our elite media solicitors appreciate the competitive nature of the media and entertainment market sector and the need for swift, outstanding quality legal advice across this industry sector including film, television and music. Our expertise extends to advising film companies, record labels, broadcasters, producers and management agents:

  • Advertisements and Promotions
  • Agreements for Provision of Online Services
  • 360 Agreements
  • Broadcasting
  • Clearance Rights
  • Copyright Law
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Dance
  • Digital Rights
  • Endorsements
  • Entertainment Law
  • Film Distribution
  • Film Finance
  • Film Production
  • Film Publishing
  • Film Transactions
  • Image Rights Protection
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Internet Law
  • Licensing
  • Media Contracts
  • Media Disputes
  • Media Law
  • Media Publishing
  • Merchandising Agreements
  • Music Contracts
  • Music Copyright
  • Music Distribution
  • Music Law
  • Music Production
  • Music Publishing
  • Music Video Production
  • Personality Licensing/Product Licensing
  • Online Trading
  • Performing Rights
  • Publishing Agreements
  • Product Placements
  • Producers
  • Producer Agreements
  • Recording Contracts
  • Remix Agreements
  • Social Media
  • Sychronisation Agreements
  • Theatre
  • TV Production
  • Web Agreements

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Media and Entertainment


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 RT Coopers is a firm with a deep understanding of media issues. But most importantly, I know that the firm is concerned about its clients getting the best legal advice as well as helping clients to look forward  and utilising the advice provided by the firm to grow the clients' business in the future. I believe it is this combination of caring and professionalism that sets the firm head and shoulders above the rest of the legal firms that I have encountered in the past.   


Teddy Hayes, Director, Teddy Hayes Productions Media Producers



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