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5 Stars Games Development - Gambling - Terms and Conditions - Privacy Policy 



'I am a director of 7 Of The Best Ltd, a relatively new online sporting game about to enter its third full year of operation. Over the course of the game’s development and substantial growth in player numbers I have used RT Coopers extensively (notably working with Matthew), including seeking specialist advice on gambling legislation, all aspects of our firm’s terms and conditions and privacy policy, and most recently on our approach to dealing with the introduction of GDPR. In all these dealings I have been impressed by the depth of specialist knowledge available to me, and by the professional yet friendly and cooperative way our legal challenges and (sometimes no doubt naive) questions have been handled. I should also add that I have in an unrelated professional capacity been fortunate enough to work with a number of excellent corporate solicitors, and RT Coopers matches them in every respect. Finally, I should add that I have been struck by Matthew’s ability to quickly grasp the fundamentals of our business. This has hugely facilitated our numerous discussions and made every minute count. I’d give RT Coopers a 5-star rating'. Angus Stewart, Director, 7 Of The Best Ltd


5 Stars Music



'You were the first law firm out of the ones that we contacted to get back to us, and we had a good initial conversation, which really made us confident in your abilities. As a newly founded record label we found the service provided by RT Coopers to be invaluable. We were particularly impressed with the level of thoroughness taken by the team in dealing with our contracts. The quality of service exceeded our expectations and lived up to the perfect track record provided by the RSA. We have already referred them to many of our professional contacts and will be sure to use them again ourselves in the near future.'  Andre Hackett and Fuse ODG, Directors, London Mobile Studios Limited


5 Stars Publishing


‘I had a specific requirement, which was to draw up a contract between myself and a film company in Canada, for the film-rights to a book I had written. As a private individual who had no knowledge whatsoever of the subject, I initially made contact with a number of law-firms. RT Coopers immediately offered a half-hour of advice by phone, which helped me enormously as I began to research the subject. I eventually chose RT Coopers to represent my interests because I came to understand that the initial advice had been most sound. Costs were made clear at the outset, and the quality of service proved to be excellent. I felt confident that my instructions were being comprehensively taken into account and my interests were being represented professionally and in the best way possible. I was always treated in a most personable and friendly manner.Even when the film company changed the goalposts out of the blue when the contract was almost ready to be signed, RT Coopers were quick to give me fresh advice and swiftly made the necessary changes to the contract. I would be happy to recommend RT Coopers.’ Celia M Gunn, author, A Twist in Coyote's Tale


4.5 Stars Music Contracts



We were introduced to RT Coopers Solicitors by a fellow colleague of ours (FUSE ODG). RT Coopers Solicitors took their time to understand our requirements and delivered a high standard of service. We were really happy with the way they have handled our contracts and also grateful for the advice and conversations. We will definitely be requiring their services again.’ Edgie, Managing Director, 233 Connect Limited - Management Agency


5 Stars Media and Entertainment


'RT Coopers is a firm with a deep understanding of media issues. But most importantly, I know that the firm is concerned about its clients getting the best legal advice as well as helping clients to look forward  and utilising the advice provided by the firm to grow the clients' business in the future. I believe it is this combination of caring and professionalism that sets the firm head and shoulders above the rest of the legal firms that I have encountered in the past'Teddy Hayes, Director, Teddy Hayes Productions Media Producers


5 Stars Film Production
Clearly specialists in media Law, RT Coopers have always delivered a thorough, professional service, making us feel as if we are the only client they are dealing with at that time. This is the Law Firm to have on your side.’ Steve Plummer, Financial Director, One Eyed Dog Films Ltd

5 Stars Licensing - Media Contracts - Cross Border Transactions - Intellectual Property Protection



'My overall impression of RT Coopersis extremely positive. As a client of the firm, our concerns and needs are listened to and various options explained as clearly as possible. RT Coopers is also very patient with us, a new company learning about our business as we go along. I was very impressed with the clever thinking when getting initial costs that RT Coopers provided a checklist of information that they could email us which helped both parties immeasurably. It requested information they needed to assess us as a company and gave me a chance to dig out all the relevant information rather than stumbling for it on the telephone. It was what primarily chose them to represent us over other firms. They drew up a very complicated contract for us. It required a great deal of consideration to achieve what we needed and I was extremely happy with what they provided and with the price. They added clauses that in their experience they felt were important for our protection as a business. I feel confident in their care of us. Rosanna is fastidious in returning calls and making sure she attends to only your business when in a telephone conversation. She may have a answer another call at times but will put our conversation first as the one she is involved with. Likewise I appreciate her need to do the same with us if I call when she is in a telephone meeting with another client. That shows great respect and consideration for all her clients as she maintains focus during often complex explanations. I also appreciate her sense of humour which brings a reassuring and more comfortable element to discussions which can be quite difficult. Thank you very much. We appreciate your honest answers and as a valued client of the firm, we are grateful for your feedback.' Sadie Williams, Director, Ralph Steadman Art Collections Limited


5 Stars Intellectual Property



‘RT Coopers delivered some reassuring and sound contractual advice on Intellectual Property matters, unravelling the legal vocabulary and putting our business minds at rest. Quick and professional turnaround time and without doubt a team who we’ll return to in the future’  Ben Ebbrell, Director, Sorted Ventures Limited 


5 Stars Terms and Conditions



'For us choosing RT Coopers was an easy task as they seemed very clear from the beginning on how they would tackle our needs. With costs that were very simple to understand, the flexibility we required and the friendliness we hoped to get, RT Coopers has given us precisely what they promised and an overall feeling of satisfaction that will lead us to hire their services again in the near future.’ Ryan Harrison, Company Director, Homemade Art And Entertainment Limited 


5 Stars Film Production



'I am writing to firstly say thank you for a smooth and supportive experience in the contract world and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend RT Coopers to anyone. A top class, first rate service which I am sure I will be using again and again when the need arises.  Kindest regards to all at your wonderful firm. Thank You.' William Steel, Director, A-Rapture Film  Production Limited 


4.5 Stars Recording Contracts



‘RT Coopers is a great firm. They are thorough, efficient and professional and truly a pleasure to work with. As a new Record Company we constantly require legal advice and documents on short notice. This firm has delivered every time, on time.  We won't hesitate to work with them in the future. Thanks again for a great service.’ Twan  Pemberton, Director, Blak Magik


4.5 Stars Media Cintracts




'In the process of setting up my academic conference broadcasting company I realised that I needed expert legal advice and a firm of solicitors which could deal with the complexities of media and broadcasting law. I found RT Coopers through a search engine and phoned to explain my requirements. Within a day I had received an eloquent and precise email, outlining not only all the legal aspects under consideration, but also additional legal information on the wider aspect of an enterprise such as mine. The first draft documents for waivers and agreements were emailed to me within a week, and through constant contact and revision the whole process of drawing up a series of complex legal documents took no more than a couple of months. I can highly recommend RT Coopers to anyone involved in media and broadcasting, as their expertise and helpfulness, as well as speed and coherence make the process of paying for legal advice so much less painful.' Dr. René Wolf, Backdoor Broadcasting Company Ltd


5 Stars Advertising



‘We were delighted with the professional, friendly and prompt service offered by RTCoopers. The team were able to work to a very tight deadline without a compromise in the quality of advice or service. Thank you’ Millie Dale, Account Executive, Martin Tait Redheads


5 Stars Media and Entertainment 



'I found RT Coopers online, as Media and Entertainment Solicitors. When I first began work with RT Coopers, I was running my Record Label with a minimum staff, but had huge amounts of PR, Marketing, performance and recording work to do, which of course all had their respective legal aspects. Working in an environment where decisions had to be made quickly, and deadlines were extremely tight, one thing I didn’t seem to worry about, was whether or not RT Coopers would have the legal side covered. If I were in a meeting, requiring urgent legal advice, or needing an artist contract drafted for a potential signing by the next day, I could communicate easily and swiftly and be confident RT Coopers would cover all the legal aspects. I have worked with other Legal firms in the past, however I could not recommend RT Coopers any more highly. My company has moved onto bigger and better projects, and I must say, RT Coopers cut out many of the potential barriers along the way.' Ashish Rama, Managing Director, Soul Entertainment Ltd 


5 Stars Music Copyright


'We approached RT Coopers with music copyright questions which needed swift answers. The answers were given clearly, quickly, and thoroughly, enabling us to meet our deadlines without compromising our legal position. Thank you.' Director, Scream Team Ltd 


5 Stars Recording and Management



'RT Coopers Solicitors delivered me a great, reliable service, based on my real needs. I needed them to negotiate on my behalf, as well as drafting a recording contract that truly protected me. Their team is client focused and has been very helpful in negotiating the best deal for me. I am going to use their services in the future.'  PM 


5 Stars Advertising - Marketing and Promotions 



‘I very much appreciated your response to my problem. For once I could understand everything that was said. It was not surrounded by legal jargon which makes it difficult to understand.’ John Foster, Managing DirectorJohn Foster (Media Promotions) Limited 


5 Stars Management



‘As a talent management agency requiring an extremely knowledgeable media & entertainment law specialist to draw up our talent agreements, I could not have done better than work with RT Coopers. I found RT Coopers to be a highly client-focused company, with a team who really do listen to and take on board individual requirements, pay scrupulous attention to detail, and will go that extra mile to deliver time-sensitive documentation. The service was streamlined and efficient, and communication clear at all times. I would highly recommend RT Coopers.’ Leanna Rance, Next Big Thing Management 


5 Stars Media Contracts



‘Having found RT coopers on the internet , I was extremely pleased with the results in providing a quick and efficient service , delivering exactly what I needed in a very short time frame. I shall certainly be using RT Coopers for my future legal needs. Many thanks.’  Richard Jarman, Director, Gorgeous Solutions Ltd, Production & Event Management 


5 Stars TV Production



'We found RT Coopers to be a very professional and friendly firm which dealt with all our requests in a fast and high quality manner. In the world of TV production there are many contracts which need to be drawn up ranging from actors’ contracts to production crew contracts. Everyone employed in the production has to have a contract. RT Coopers were able to provide a full suite of contracts which protected the production company for the duration of the production and beyond. We were assigned one of their top media lawyers who was well versed in media and entertainment law and who provided valuable advice on what was needed legally for the production company and dealt with all our many questions in a professional and friendly manner. RT Coopers handled all our legal contracts and trademark applications and we would recommend them to any media company who is about to engage in producing a TV Show or Film. Andrew Osayemi, Managing Director MTA Productions Ltd


5 Stars Recording and Management



'I did not make any assumptions about RT Coopers before the first meeting with Rosanna and Matthew. I was happy with the advice that I received with starting a new record label which was very informative and everything was explained to me step by step in clear terms that I could understand.  Starting my own label was in itself quite daunting but Rosanna broke it down to me in simple illustrations and this is very important to people like myself who are new in starting their own business.  At each point I was asked whether I understood as it was important to her and Matthew that I understood the advice.  We discussed quite a lot of different legal points regarding my label and what was involved in starting a record company. I was able to understand from the outset. I learnt about the importance of having written agreements so there is no misunderstanding later on, which can be very costly if there is a dispute. A record company like ours have to have all the legal rights to any material produced on its behalf and the terms of such agreements have to be binding.  RT Coopers are very polite and the meeting with Matthew and Rosanna was very educational and informative.  It was a very warm and pleasant meeting which you do not always get when dealing in the Legal world!’ Judith Ferguson, Director, Star Records (UK) Limited






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