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Our leading team of fitness to practise lawyers will ensure that you receive outstanding quality advise if your fitness to practise has been called into question. Our fitness to practise solicitors have amazing expertise and will be able to advise you if your fitness to practise is called into question, with phenomenal results. Our fitness to practise solicitors comprise a winning team of impressive higher education law specialists in the United Kingdom. We work with medical students to ensure they defend and win fitness to practise allegations where there seems to be no hope.  See some testimonials from medical students below.



  5 Stars First Year Medical University - Withdrawn from Medical School - Appeal


'I would like to write this testimony to showcase the quality of the work that Dr Rosanna Cooper and RT Coopers do. I came to them following a recommendation from a friend, and within minutes of the consultation I could understand why the positive reference had been made. Dr Rosanna was kind, shrewd, and incredibly thorough with her work which resulted in a service that felt over and beyond the normal expectations you would have from a law firm. Dr Rosanna Cooper worked tirelessly to a very prompt deadline and I cannot thank her enough for the hard work she poured into my appeal, her honest, professional, and thorough approach to the case really motivated me and made me feel more hopeful about the situation than I had for months, and her example has helped me move forward and to motivate myself to achieve better outcomes in the future. Thank you for all the help and support. I really felt like you believed in me, worked hard for me and it means the world'KG



5 Stars Fourth Year Medical Student - Accused of Plagiarism - Studies Terminated- Complaint to the OIA


'I asked RT Coopers to help me with my case against my university to the OIA when things were looking completely hopeless. Rosanna was just incredible, she was so reassuring and personally involved from the start, I can’t thank her enough for all the hard work and hours she put into constructing my case, especially because it was so complex. She ensured every detail was discussed and explained and helped me turn things around. I did not expect that I would be able to submit such a strong case to the OIA, I am truly grateful. I would also like to thank her team who put in a lot of effort to help put my case together. Thank you all.' FK



5 Stars Then Medical Student now Medical Doctor


‘I would like to take this opportunity to give a personal testimonial for, what I believe, is an excellent law firm. Following an issue with an educational institution at which I studied for three years, I spoke with a number of firms seeking legal advice regarding my situation. RT Coopers solicitors, namely Rosanna Cooper, showed immense enthusiasm despite facing a very tight deadline to collate a case over simply one weekend. This was the deciding factor for me to choose her for representation. She offered support, faith and integrity to a situation which was otherwise rather dismal. With her uniquely selfless work ethic, she built an unflawed case worthy of acclaim. Furthermore, she never at once gave thought to the amount of time she spent working on the case; and simply applied her full efforts until the work was complete. I honestly cannot fault the service I have received in any way, shape or form and would certainly recommend this firm to anybody seeking legal representation in their specialities. I won my appeal and I am now at medical school. The quality speaks for itself.’ Dr Ajay Doal

We have successfully drafted academic appeals for medical students against a number of universities and other institutions.


Our fitness to practise lawyers are truly leading experts in higher education law. Our highly skilled university appeals lawyers represent a number of students in their education law disputes, and will represent you in your appeal against a university decision to deregister you, your appeal against fitness to practise, termination or expulsion. Our higher education lawyers for students in the UK have successfully advised, assisted and represented a number of medical students as well as undergraduates and postgraduates. Our higher education solicitors are here to advise and assist you with drafting your academic appeal or complaint.  See some testimonials from medical students below.


The testimonial from AK (a medical student) confirms the lengths we will go to in order for you to have a chance of winning.



5 Stars Medical Student, Excluded. On appeal and panel hearing after case went before OIA, complaint was held justified by the OIA. Now completed Medical School


'Thank you for the support you have given us in our moment of need. You and your team took it upon yourselves to deal with our case with dedication, thoroughness and hardwork. We remain amazed to note that you replied to e-mails when most of the world would be asleep. You and your team were always contactable when we needed you. You did not leave a stone unturned insofar as the legal aspects of the case were concerned and also managed our case by probing the contentious issues in great depth. As a result we won our appeal against the medical school as the OIA held our complaint was justified! Most importantly you acted from the Heart.' AK


 5 Stars Final Year Medical Student. Withdrawn from Medical School and Appealed. Re-admitted to Medical School after winning Appeal - now Medical Doctor


'I came to RT Coopers in my hour of need as my last ditch effort to salvage my career after my studies were terminated as a final year medical student. I was hesitant at first but I could feel the warmth and care Rosanna had for me and my plight through our first "consultation" on Skype. My overall feeling about the firm is that RT Coopers is a team of very competent lawyers led by an outstanding lawyer who is willing to fight for the rights of others.  Rosanna is an artist and expert at dealing with people and delicate issues surrounding the matter presented to her. She worked day and night (even weekends) to make sure my tight deadline was met. The work ethic and dedication shown to me, as though I was the only client at the time, is above and beyond what I could have expected and certainly exceeds the time I was levied for. Rosanna spent hours on the phone with me to ensure I was coping with the stress and believed in myself. To me she has been an absolute rock through these tough times. In fact Rosanna still checks on me ever so often.


Through working with Rosanna certain aspects on my life which had been having a negative effect on me were highlighted which provided a new direction and dimension to my case. Rosanna's approach is one of firmness intertwined with a soft approach getting one to accept responsibility for one's shortfalls as well as not placing any unnecessary blame on the individual. I was at a loss when I first came into contact with Rosanna as to why certain things had happened for so long. After meeting with Rosanna I have become aware of so much about myself and conflict resolution. That is the nature of the holistic approach to the services provided by RT Coopers. It was an absolute pleasure to find that regardless of what time of day it was one always got a reply to text messages, emails and calls.  Through my contact with the firm I have learnt the importance of debriefing after every event.  Not only does one learn from any mistakes made but it reinforces positive behaviours. Rosanna debriefed me on various examinations and periods of my life which highlighted the areas that needed extra attention to overcome my difficulties. Words cannot describe how much I appreciate what Rosanna (and her team) have done for me. She has given me the light back into my life. I know she'll remain a member of my family forever. Should I ever need her again or come across anyone who needs legal assistance, I would not hesitate, even for a second, to call upon her. I know she will help as I am now back at medical school. If you are looking for a firm to help you in your hour of desperation choose RT Coopers. Not only will they win your case for you, but they will support you throughout the whole ordeal. I rate RT Coopers a 5 (if I could give a 10 I would).' N.B


Our Services to Medical students facing Fitness to Practise allegations  


Our fitness to practise medicine services provided by our fitness to practise lawyers to medicinal students are below, click here for more of the education law services our law firm provides to students.



  •  Academic Appeals
  • Academic Misconduct
  • Appeals against University Decisions
  • Cheating
  • Collusion
  • Complaints
  • Complaints to the OIA
  • Deregistration
  • Exclusions
  • Expulsions
  • Extenuating Circumstances
  • Fabrication of Data
  • Fitness to Study
  • Fitness to Practise
  • Mitigating Circumstances
  • Misconduct
  • Panel Hearings (Malpractice hearings, Fitness to Practise hearings, Fitness to Study and Misconduct hearings)
  • Placements
  • Plagiarism
  • Reasonable Adjustments
  • Representation
  • Termination of Studies
  • Withdrawal



5 Stars  Parent of Medical Student


Because you acted on his behalf, our son won his appeal against the medical school.

Dr Atul Khanna


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5 Stars  Then Final Year Medical Student, now GP: plagiarism and collusion


'I am a medical student and I was really lucky to have found such a professional, reliable and honest solicitor. I worked closely with Rosanna on my case and she was absolutely terrific. The best part of my experience is when we worked on my documents together through the phone. She would play the devil's advocate as we went over each sentence in detail, clearly pointing out the strength and weakness of my defence. She had many constructive ideas to contribute to my case and pushed me to recall important details to bridge the gaps in my evidence. Her technical expertise in the field of my case is second to none. I also valued very much Rosanna's morale support in keeping me strong and focused throughout the process. It was daunting and emotionally draining to face legal accusations but after working with Rosanna, I felt I had a fighting chance on my case. I won my appeal and about to practise as a junior doctor. I am extremely grateful for all the support RT Coopers has given me and I truly hope others in similar positions can find solicitors as good as those on the RT Coopers team.' MT


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