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Our chemicals practice comprises chemicals regulatory lawyers who will provide tailor made legal advice to your company as a manufacturer, supplier, exporter or importer of chemicals in the EU, on how to comply with REACH i.e. the European Regulation (EC) No 1907/2 on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals.


Our chemicals law solicitors will advise your company on compliance with REACH, if you are a manufacturer, distributor, exporter, downstream user or importer of chemical substances or articles containing chemical substances into the EU or the European Economic Area (“EEA”), as REACH directly applies in all Member States of the EU and the EEA.


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Our lawyers with specialism in REACH will provide quality legal advice to your company as a chemical manufacturer, if your company manufactures chemicals, either for your own use or to supply to other organisations within or outside of the EU or EEA.


A REACH regulation solicitor will advise your company as an importer if your company purchases any chemicals or articles containing chemicals from outside the EU or EEA, such as individual chemicals, mixtures for onwards sale, or finished products, like clothes, certain furniture or plastic goods.


An outstanding REACH lawyer will provide your company as a downstream user or a distributor with chemical regulations advice if your company handles any chemicals in your industrial or professional activity.


Our Services


As experts in EU regulatory law, our expert lawyers will guide you expertly to achieve compliance under REACH as it applies to manufacturers or suppliers of chemical substances used in medicinal products for human or veterinary use or in food or feedingstuffs and flavourings or in animal nutrition. Some of our legal services are as follows:


  • Advertising of Chemicals
  • Advice on complying with REACH and the requirements for obtaining Authorisation
  • Advice on Label Claims
  • Advising and assisting Downstream Users and Distributors in the EU or EEA
  • Advising and assisting Manufacturers in the EU or EEA
  • Advising and assisting Importers in the EU or EEA
  • Advising and assisting Representatives if Manufacturing of Chemicals is outside the EU or EEA
  • Advising and assisting companies with Pre-registration and Registration under REACH with ECHA
  • Advising on whether your company is exempt under REACH
  • Assisting with the Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Chemicals and Articles containing Chemicals in accordance with the European Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 (“CLP”)
  • Preparation of Chemical Safety Reports
  • Preparing companies for Chemical Safety Assessments.


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RT Coopers were first engaged by Field Disposals Ltd in 2007 to help clarify its legal position in an abandoned tender with the Ministry of Defence. We were assigned a senior partner of the firm called Rosanna Cooper. She showed a high level of understanding to this complex and difficult situation. A report was commissioned by us in 2010 which was very thorough and detailed and the advice given proved in time to be very valuable as we re-competed with RT Coopers help and won this very valuable contract. We have been in business for twenty years and formed many professional relationships. RT Coopers is considered by Field as highly respectable and we are proud to be associated with them. They have a smooth approach but command focus when needed. Overall we have found the firm and particularly Rosanna to be helpful, professional and attentive at all times  Michael Dipple, Managing Director 


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