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5 Stars PhD student at university 5 years studying for a PhD in Psychology - submitted thesis and failed first viva - asked by examiners to resubmit for PhD without requirement for second viva - on resubmission of thesis no award  granted - RT Coopers worked with student to draft a strong appeal - on receipt of the appeal the university dispensed with the need for a hearing - successful outcome  - student given the opportunity to resubmit thesis for a fresh viva with fresh examiners




'I came to Dr. Rosanna Cooper of RT Coopers when I was given fail for my PhD. I passed my first submission with resubmission but in the second exam, I was given fail with no awards. I did my PhD in Psychology for 5 years altogether. It was an extremely painful, dark and exhausting journey. After 5 years of battle with my PhD, I was tired and losing all my ambition. I knew I needed to fight, but I was completely unsure if I could win. I spoke to a lot of different law firms and just searching aimlessly and not knowing what to expect at all. Dr. Cooper spent a long time on the phone with me when I first rang up. She ironed out a lot of the details for my case and I started to get the confidence back a little bit after the first phone call. Her suggestions had completely opened my mind about how to approach the appeal. I then met her in person to discuss in more details about the case. I was very glad we did so as she is probably one of the most impressive persons I’ve met. She just sees things through and knows how to win the case! You will know you are in safe hands when you meet her!

She is focused, shrewd, straightforward, analytical and professional. On top of that, she is a very lovely individual to be around with. I was really impressed by the way she approached the issues. She always squeezed me for more details about a point. So be prepared for a thorough and tough journey when working with her! Because it is all worthwhile it in the end! I now have my appeal upheld and I was given a chance to resubmit my thesis to fresh examiners. Rosanna also inspired me in the level of personal development. Having worked with her gave me the chance to see the world of an amazing individual. It is truly inspiring. I followed some of her suggestions to work on confidence and assertiveness issues for the viva preparation and it has been very helpful with all the aspects in my life. I deeply thank Dr. Rosanna Copper and her team for what they do and I wish them all the very best in the future. If you are thinking of academic appeal, I will definitely recommend them'. J



 5 Stars  Third Year Medical Student Suspended - Fitness to Pactise Allegation - RT Coopers drafted Statement which was presented to Panel - Representation at Fitness to Practise Hearing - Successful Outcome



'Rosanna from RT Coopers Solicitors saved my life. I contacted her when I was in dire need of legal advice for a fitness to practice case that could have ended my medical career when I was in my third year of medical school. Rosanna went above and beyond to help me; she spent countless hours reviewing my case and building a robust defence. She even formulated a 180 page long document containing all of the necessary evidence to prove my innocence. After we submitted this document to the medical school, Rosanna came to represent me on the day of the hearing. Thanks to her excellent legal skills, I have been cleared of all the charges and I am now on my way to graduate with a distinction. Not only did Rosanna handle my case with the utmost professionalism and dedication, but she also genuinely cared about the outcome and her support was very heartfelt. In addition, she has been able to give me excellent advice with regards to my future career. This is a testament to the PhD which she holds in Chemistry and which puts her in a unique position when it comes to helping students that are studying a science-related degree. I will forever be grateful to Rosanna for everything which she has done for me. Thank you very much RT Coopers Solicitors'. MH


 5 Stars Third year MPharm student. Failed Assessment on three attempts and excluded from university.  Appealed against decision. Appeal rejected. RT Coopers advised and assisted student in particular in connection with the new evidence that had to be adduced and drafted a fresh appeal. Student is returning to MPharm course in 2019 as appeal was successful


'Dr Rosanna Cooper and her team were brilliant. They dragged me kicking and screaming through a lengthy complicated appeal process. No stone was left unturned and such fine attention to detail paid off with a successful result. We recommend them highly without any hesitation. Thanks'. Mo 



 5 Stars MBA student at prestigious University accused of Collusion by . ML accused of sharing  Data with a group of students on a social media site. RT Coopers advised ML during an initial consultation and then skilfully redrafted ML's statement which was submitted to the University. Successful outcome 



'RT Coopers provided great customer service combined with in-depth understanding and expertise in education law. Rosanna gave me competent advice with very fast turnaround time throughout a complex, high-stakes case pertaining to academic misconduct at an elite university. Due to your help & advice, I was acquitted and vindicated! I rate the firm 5 out of 5'. ML


 5 Stars First Year Medical University - Withdrawn from Medical School - Appeal - Appeal successful - Now a Doctor


'I would like to write this testimony to showcase the quality of the work that Dr Rosanna Cooper and RT Coopers do. I came to them following a recommendation from a friend, and within minutes of the consultation I could understand why the positive reference had been made. Dr Rosanna was kind, shrewd, and incredibly thorough with her work which resulted in a service that felt over and beyond the normal expectations you would have from a law firm. Dr Rosanna Cooper worked tirelessly to a very prompt deadline and I cannot thank her enough for the hard work she poured into my appeal, her honest, professional, and thorough approach to the case really motivated me and made me feel more hopeful about the situation than I had for months, and her example has helped me move forward and to motivate myself to achieve better outcomes in the future. Thank you for all the help and support. I really felt like you believed in me, worked hard for me and it means the world'. KG




5 Stars Fourth Year Medical Student - Accused of Plagiarism - Studies Terminated- Complaint to the OIA - Complaint successful - Now a Doctor


'I asked RT Coopers to help me with my case against my university to the OIA when things were looking completely hopeless. Rosanna was just incredible, she was so reassuring and personally involved from the start, I can’t thank her enough for all the hard work and hours she put into constructing my case, especially because it was so complex. She ensured every detail was discussed and explained and helped me turn things around. I did not expect that I would be able to submit such a strong case to the OIA, I am truly grateful. I would also like to thank her team who put in a lot of effort to help put my case together. Thank you all.' FK



5 Stars Then Medical Student now Medical Doctor


‘I would like to take this opportunity to give a personal testimonial for, what I believe, is an excellent law firm. Following an issue with an educational institution at which I studied for three years, I spoke with a number of firms seeking legal advice regarding my situation. RT Coopers solicitors, namely Rosanna Cooper, showed immense enthusiasm despite facing a very tight deadline to collate a case over simply one weekend. This was the deciding factor for me to choose her for representation. She offered support, faith and integrity to a situation which was otherwise rather dismal. With her uniquely selfless work ethic, she built an unflawed case worthy of acclaim. Furthermore, she never at once gave thought to the amount of time she spent working on the case; and simply applied her full efforts until the work was complete. I honestly cannot fault the service I have received in any way, shape or form and would certainly recommend this firm to anybody seeking legal representation in their specialities. I won my appeal and I am now at medical school. The quality speaks for itself.’ Dr Ajay Doal



5 Stars PhD Student, awarded MPhil after initial viva. Successfully complained to the OIA and case upheld as justified. University gave Dr  Ullah the opportunity to rework his thesis and to resubmit with fresh viva and he was awarded his PhD  - Now a Professor



 'It’s a pleasure to provide a testimonial to RT Coopers as the firm has brought happiness and hope again into my life. After the rejection of my appeal by the university for my PhD, I got completely disappointed and there was no hope around. When I discussed my case with Rosanna she was very positive, optimistic and assured me that we could extract something out of my case for the OIA review.  She provided a new direction to my case and explored new ideas that I could not have done by myself. I found all the members of RT Coopers very friendly and co-operative and especially Rosanna was awesome. She was fully involved in my case, she worked late nights and during the weekend to meet the deadline. She did extensive research on my case and explored legal ways forward. Rosanna prepared my case with a full legal cover provided and I submitted it to the OIA before the deadline for review. Both the OIA and the university realized that important aspects discovered by Rosanna about my case were ignored during the university’s appeal process.


Now, the university has reconsidered their appeal decision and I am looking forward to the university providing me with a date for re-examination for my PhD soon. Without bringing my case to RT Coopers, I would not have got the positive results I was looking for. I have now passed my viva and I am a PhD degree holder (after initially being awarded an MPhil). I am determined to move forward with my life. Without bringing my case to RT Coopers I would not have got the results I was looking for. I strongly recommend RT Coopers to students in trouble and I know this firm will make a difference.' Dr Asmat Ullah, Professor


5 Stars Second Year Dental Student studies terminated due to lack of satisfactory progress. Complaint to the OIA - Complaint successful - Now a Dentist


'Thank you so very much for helping me through the most difficult time of my life, showing me that whatever happens, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, if you have the right people by your side. I felt that person was you Dr Rosanna Cooper and your colleagues at RT Coopers, helping and supporting me along the most perilous legal journey of my life. God Bless you! Thank you all so very much.  I would give an excellent rating of 5 Stars.' KM



5 Stars Parent of Medical Student, Excluded now back at Medical School


'Rosanna, we cannot thank you in words for what you have done for us.  Your personal attention is phenomenal.  You have worked over and beyond with your team - Tariq and Jenny.  You are tireless and put all your energy into every task. Above all you are a kind and most caring individual.  Because you acted on his behalf, our son won his appeal against the medical school after he successfully complained to the OIA. God Bless!' Dr Atul Khanna



5 StarsDental Student successfully appealed and now back at Dental School after termination of studies in third year


I came to RT Coopers Solicitors when I thought I was out of my comfort zone, physically and psychologically down and felt deserted. I not only received excellent support which got me readmission into university, after being harshly told to resign, but I also received the outstanding push and motivation which I required to aid with my recovery from depression. I thoroughly recommend RT Coopers Solicitors as I feel that the support provided to me and my family was invaluable and indispensable. And I feel that Rosanna's motivation helped motivate me to broaden my skill set and increase my confidence in myself.’ MA Zubair


5 Stars Dental Student – Settlement Agreement successfully reached with Higher Education (HE) Provider – Course Terminated by HE Provider


‘ I cannot thank RT Coopers enough for all the help the firm has provided to me over what was a stressful month. Rosanna had conduct of my case and she explained with  clarity everything I needed to know and advised me of the best outcome. Thank you for making what I deemed impossible, possible. I appreciate your help and will recommend RT coopers should anyone require an exceptional lawyer.’ MM



 5 Stars BSc in Mathematics and Statistics for Finance First Year Student- Requested to Withdraw – Decision Deferred – Drafted Statement for Student to submit as Mitigating Circumstances along with Medical Evidence – Decision to Withdraw Overturned – Student allowed to repeat year



'It has been a pleasure for me to work with RT Coopers Solicitors. After failing my exams, I have been requested to withdrawal from college. However, after a long discussion with the head of department, I have been given the chance to provide evidence of my mitigating circumstances. I prepared my case with Dr Cooper and her involvement was beyond words. She was aware of my situation and she did everything to understand my case. She assisted me during the redaction of my statement and her professionalism was quite impressive. I had a tight deadline and without a doubt it has been respected. Thanks to RT Coopers Solicitors, I have been given the chance to repeat the year without leaving any detail explaining my medical case. Thank you for everything'. IR 


5 Stars Final year student BA in Politics and International Relations accused of plagiarism - when student instructed RT Coopers the best outcome the student could have hoped for was a zero mark for the module - RT Coopers drafted a statement  in support of case -  cleared of plagiarism on the strength of the statement



'It has been a pleasure to work with RT Coopers. In their handling of my case, I was met with compassion and true dedication to ensuring that I received the best possible outcome. Rosanna went above and beyond in her work, liaising with me frequently and ensuring that all work was completed to the highest standard. From my experience with the firm, it is evident that RT Coopers is a well run, professional organisation. Their team are friendly and helpful and provide genuine, honest advice. In all matters pertaining to higher education law, I do not believe that there is a firm better equipped to handle student cases or concerns.

I am so thankful for all the work RT Coopers have completed for me. The outcome I received as a consequence of their hard work is more than I could have hoped for. As the head of the firm, Dr Rosanna Cooper is an outstanding solicitor. Her dedication, intellect and compassion are second to none. Throughout her dealings with my case, I was assured, knowing that she was fully devoted to my cause. Given that students invest both emotionally and financially in their education, matters pertaining to higher education law can deem daunting at first. However, with RT Coopers, students can rest assured that their future is in safe hands. After what has been a stressful few months, I am now confident in the knowledge that my future is bright, and that I am fully vindicated with the resolution of my case'.  Zoey



5 StarsMSc Student studies terminated when complained to the university allowed to resubmit Dissertation. Submitted Appeal which was rejected by university. Successfully complained to the OIA as complaint partialy upheld (partially because she was allowed by university to resubmit Dissertation)


'I would like to give a personal testimonial for what I believe is an excellent law firm.  I met Rosanna after I spoke with a number of solicitors/barristers seeking legal help regarding my situation with the University.  With all the other solicitors/barristers I felt belittled by them but not with Rosanna Cooper.  Rosanna and her team made me feel welcome.  She understands me so perfectly that I feel she knew me for many years. Although they were friendly they always remained professional.  Their attitude towards my issue was honest and professional.  Despite the difficulties of my case and after the rejection of my first appeal by the University, Rosanna offered support and faith.  After four years of unfair treatment by the University,  I believed we were not going to win the appeal but not Rossana, she believed in me and transformed my appeal from a dismissible case into a very strong one.  From a situation where the University wanted to terminate my studies, Rosanna transformed it into a success appeal.  She worked exceptionally hard and paid attention to every small detail of my situation.  There were times when I rang Rosanna out of hours but she was always on hand to listen and encourage.   She prepared my case with a full legal cover leading to a successful second appeal.  Now the University has reconsidered its decision to terminate my studies and have provided me with a new outlook for my dissertation and with a new date for resubmission. I strongly recommend RT Coopers to students as I know they will not only make you feel welcome and important, through hard work and determination, you will have a greater chance of winning your case.Ayelet Wellard


5 Stars Medical Student, Excluded. On appeal and panel hearing after case went before OIA, complaint was held justified by the OIA. Completed Medical School - Now a Doctor


'Thank you for the support you have given us in our moment of need. You and your team took it upon yourselves to deal with our case with dedication, thoroughness and hardwork. We remain amazed to note that you replied to e-mails when most of the world would be asleep. You and your team were always contactable when we needed you. You did not leave a stone unturned insofar as the legal aspects of the case were concerned and also managed our case by probing the contentious issues in great depth. As a result we won our appeal against the medical school as the OIA held our complaint was justified! Most importantly you acted from the Heart.' AK




 5 Stars Student studied medicinal genetics and awarded a lower class of degree than predicted - Complaint to the OIA as student was unhappy with Degree Classification  - Assisted with Complaint - The OIA made recommendations to the University to reconsider Degree Classification - Complaint Justified


I contacted Rosanna Cooper to help me with my son's case against his university on his degree classification to the OIA. From the first telephone conversation Rosanna was very helpful and honest about the nature of the case. She was thorough, fair and transparent in providing assistance during the application process to the OIA. She worked over the weekend at short notice to meet the deadline. The OIA realised that important aspects discovered by Rosanna, about my son’s case were ignored during the University’s appeal process. I cannot thank her enough for her expertise and professionalism which ensured a highly satisfactory decision by the OIA in my son’s favour. The OIA has made recommendations to the university to reconsider his degree classification. I write to express my sincere and heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for her highly professional and competent services, provided in both a friendly and accessible manner.  I have no reservation in highly recommending Rosanna and the firm RT Coopers and record my heartfelt thanks for your excellent work’ SM (London)


5 StarsPGCE Post Compulsory Education, Termination of studies, Appeal  

'This firm has specialist expertise and skills for academic appeals. The firm is very reliable and professional. I contacted RT Coopers for help with an academic appeal. The university has one of the most complex academic appeal procedures I have ever come across. I felt I had lost my voice and I had done everything I could, I felt completely powerless and I had no hope with regard to my situation. RT Cooper Solicitors gave me a voice, restored my hope for a future in teaching and my confidence in myself. Dr Rosanna Cooper has a talent in understanding the academic appeal procedures and in compiling the appeal report. Dr Cooper created a strong case for my academic appeal in regards to discrimination, conduct of examination, alleged deficiency within the delivery of the PGCE programme and according with the guidelines offered to me as student, programme regulations, procedures and policies. This was all against a decision made by the exam board to disallow me continuation of my training on the PGCE due to the termination of my training placement. Dr Cooper also went over my work records for my teacher training placement and made apparent the procedure irregularities and discrimination that took place. I could not have created an appeal of this high standard or quality and I am grateful to Dr Cooper for her care, hard work and determination in regards to my very complex and time consuming case. This experience with RT Coopers restored my confidence in humanity at a time I could have been left feeling destroyed due to the bullying, discrimination and the situations I had faced. My case was very complex and difficult. Dr Cooper certainly is a very kind and very talented human being. I thank Dr Cooper for giving me hope to pursue my ambition and the career I am passionate about at a time I really needed help. I cannot recommend any other law firm as highly for help with an academic appeal. Thank you.' SC 



5 Stars PhD Student Awarded MPhil.  Appealed and now reworking thesis for Resubmission for Award of PhD - PhD awarded after fresh viva and resubmission


It is with great pleasure that i write this testimonial in support of Rosanna and her team.  I found myself in a very difficult situation with my higher education institution and had no previous experience in dealing with such a rare problem.  My wife sought out Rosanna and her team who very swiftly demonstrated that they could help.  The legalistic jargon of the rules and regulations and deadlines in which I had to appeal were unfamiliar to me and added significant pressure which was handled by Rosanna entirely.  She provided a great deal of comfort because she handled this whilst I dealt with issues of relocation due to a new job and a very busy working schedule.  We met on several occasions and talked comprehensively usually around my timetable on weekends and in the evenings. She was very accommodating and provided clear guidance.  Rosanna gathered all the evidence in a robust and judicious manner and produced a water-tight case in my defence.  Several weeks of agony and stress were eventually relieved when the outcome was found to be in my favour.  You discover a true friend when you are most in need and I have discovered one in Rosanna.  I cannot thank her and her team enough for their work, professionalism and passion for defending their clients.  I unreservedly recommend them for their expertise and specialisation in higher education.’ IC



5 Stars Final Year Medical Student. Withdrawn from Medical School and Appealed. Re-admitted to Medical School after winning Appeal - now Medical Doctor


'I came to RT Coopers in my hour of need as my last ditch effort to salvage my career after my studies were terminated as a final year medical student. I was hesitant at first but I could feel the warmth and care Rosanna had for me and my plight through our first "consultation" on Skype. My overall feeling about the firm is that RT Coopers is a team of very competent lawyers led by an outstanding lawyer who is willing to fight for the rights of others.  Rosanna is an artist and expert at dealing with people and delicate issues surrounding the matter presented to her. She worked day and night (even weekends) to make sure my tight deadline was met. The work ethic and dedication shown to me, as though I was the only client at the time, is above and beyond what I could have expected and certainly exceeds the time I was levied for. Rosanna spent hours on the phone with me to ensure I was coping with the stress and believed in myself. To me she has been an absolute rock through these tough times. In fact Rosanna still checks on me ever so often.


Through working with Rosanna certain aspects on my life which had been having a negative effect on me were highlighted which provided a new direction and dimension to my case. Rosanna's approach is one of firmness intertwined with a soft approach getting one to accept responsibility for one's shortfalls as well as not placing any unnecessary blame on the individual. I was at a loss when I first came into contact with Rosanna as to why certain things had happened for so long. After meeting with Rosanna I have become aware of so much about myself and conflict resolution. That is the nature of the holistic approach to the services provided by RT Coopers. It was an absolute pleasure to find that regardless of what time of day it was one always got a reply to text messages, emails and calls.


 Through my contact with the firm I have learnt the importance of debriefing after every event.  Not only does one learn from any mistakes made but it reinforces positive behaviours. Rosanna debriefed me on various examinations and periods of my life which highlighted the areas that needed extra attention to overcome my difficulties. Words cannot describe how much I appreciate what Rosanna (and her team) have done for me. She has given me the light back into my life. I know she'll remain a member of my family forever. Should I ever need her again or come across anyone who needs legal assistance, I would not hesitate, even for a second, to call upon her. I know she will help as I am now back at medical school. If you are looking for a firm to help you in your hour of desperation choose RT Coopers. Not only will they win your case for you, but they will support you throughout the whole ordeal. I rate RT Coopers a 5 (if I could give a 10 I would).' N.B


5 Stars Parent of D.M, ex Medical Student, Withdrawn from course on Appeal allowed to Qualify


'Rosanna, It has been nearly a year since we have known you at a time that was looking complicated. Since then we have been impressed and admiring of your always outstanding support in a clever, kind and timely way. You were always present when it was difficult or important. No matter whether it was holidays, week-ends or very late evenings you were there when we needed you. We were also impressed to see how you could put together a bunch of ideas which were not always clear in the beginning, and structure them in a very appropriate manner.  You supported our son through the long process of appeal and complaint while keeping him strong and focused. You are not only a lawyer but a lot more: a specialist of the human being in many of its facets. Thank you for your invaluable and caring support, for keeping his spirits up and for helping him regain confidence throughout this long and exhausting process. Thanks to you the ordeal came to an end with a successful outcome. In addition you have taught our son a lot about how to face and deal with difficulties. You have taught him a lesson for life. Thank you for working with your heart. Thank you also to your team especially Jenny and Tariq for their kindness, efficiency and help.'  M. B



5 Stars Complaint to OIA - Complaint successful


‘After three of my own unsuccessful appeals to the university concerning problems I had encountered with the tutoring of the thesis module of my degree, I approached Rosanna to help me complete an OIA complaint. Rosanna made contact with me quickly after my initial email, and during our initial conversation I found her to be helpful and honest about the aspects of my case that were more likely to have a successful outcome. Rosanna worked hard to understand all aspects of my problem, and addressed each point thoroughly in the lengthy and accurate appeal that she prepared for me. Rosanna was available to help me with my submission late into the evening on the deadline day of my OIA submission, demonstrating her high degree of professionalism and commitment to the success of my case. Overall I would describe the firm as sharp, determined and have an obvious passion for what they do.' IG



5 Stars Medical Student was able to return to Medical School: Deregistered did not submit Mitigating Circumstances Form - RT Coopers drafted Appeal - Appeal successful - now Medical Doctor


‘I came to RT Coopers Solicitors in a time of need and desperation. I was welcomed by a friendly and professional team of staff who were highly motivated to help me with my case. Their attitude towards my issue could not have been better. Dealing with a very narrow time frame, Rosanna and Tariq transformed my appeal from a very dismissible case to a very strong one. They worked exceptionally hard and paid attention to every small detail of the situation. The appeal they wrote on my behalf could not have been written more accurately even by myself. I would recommend this law firm to anyone requiring legal assistance, especially for higher education cases. I evenbtually won my appeal.’ SS 


5 Stars PhD Student, awarded no Degree after initial viva and on Appeal allowed to rework and resubmit thesis for award of PhD


'I am so happy with RT Coopers. It’s an excellent firm providing excellent legal services for higher education students. I would like to thank everyone at RT Coopers for their help in enabling me to achieve my success in my appeal.  I was upset because I had failed my PhD and not awarded a degree when someone told me to research about lawyers for education, it was then I found this firm. I contacted the firm and I received outstanding legal services. My case was complicated and the lawyers worked hard on my case and I won my appeal against the university. Once the lawyers started working on my case I felt I could win 100%, believe me it is my feeling about this firm. I recommend this firm as it has a remarkable team of education lawyers. I rate this firm 5 out of 5.' SAA



5 Stars Sports Science International Student – Withdrawn from Studies – On Appeal Reinstated – Appeal Written and Submitted by our Firm to the University on late Friday and the Student was Reinstated  on the following Monday without any further need for Intervention


'We must sincerely thank you for the hard and diligent work done for the filing of our son’s appeal.  You were prompt, timely and responsive and more importantly very caring and passionate in handling the case. We highly appreciate the work undertaken and the favourable outcome we received. I and my family are all thankful and grateful to you for your great efforts. Very nice to see such a successful and speedy outcome. We really and truly much appreciate it. Well done Dr. Rosanna and look forward to coming and meeting you in London on my next trip to thank you once again in personWI, Parent of Sports Science Student


5 Stars A grateful ex-student, Withdrawn from course on Appeal allowed to Qualify


'Rosanna assisted by her team was the right person at the right time in my hour of need. From day one she was there to support and guide me through so many obstacles. At each obstacle she made me reconsider options, alerted me to potential pitfalls, whilst at the same time making me feel in control of my destiny. The task we undertook was an arduous one that took us through several internal institutional stages over many months. In similar situations the hardest part is dealing with the dogmatic facade of an institution that is unlikely to have been previously challenged in this way or to this degree. Equally, an institution will always try and circumvent its internal failings.

Rosanna is an artist at tackling these hardest challenges. She uses the appropriate firmness whilst also knowing how and when to display a soft approach because she has a vision of how it all fits together and how to build it up. This blend is a true accomplishment that helped to make the most of my case where no matter how disheartening the rebuttals were or the length of the process was, the case kept getting stronger.

All in all she has so many more unconventional qualities than being just brilliant in her field. She was my life coach in my hours of despair as well as instilling me with confidence when it mattered. She was always available to speak at crucial times which in turn calmed my nerves and prevented me from acting rashly.

Crucially, Rosanna always believed in me and I believe this was so important in finally attaining the positive outcome we were seeking. I am extremely fortunate to have found Rosanna for she enabled me to stand up for myself and regain a sense of freedom.'  D.M


5 Stars MSc Student: Withdrawn from Course and awarded Diploma on Appeal Awarded MSc


'RT Cooper is a reliable law firm. I am an international postgraduate student from China who studied in the UK. Unfortunately I was undergoing a tough academic appeal. After the initial attempts by myself, I finally turned to RT Cooper for professional help. Before I decided to choose RT Cooper, I consulted several firms, but RT Cooper made me feel most comfortable. I had my first consultation with Rosanna Copper who made me feel she was really relating herself with my experience and circumstances. The compassion she showed me influenced my final choice. She was really willing to help me and spend her time on the case. She is very sharp. She knows what the key arguments are which can help us students to get better chances in our appeals. Though my case was not easy, she still gave her all to help, and I believe we made a very strong appeal letter. I really appreciate her work. As a foreigner, I know very little about the system, and what is a persuading appeal. It pains me a lot when I see two appeal letters which were written by myself dismissed. RT Cooper filled in that gap, helped me get the key issues. The whole writing procedure of the appeal letter was communicated via E mails and Skype because I am not in the UK, but it did not cause any inconvenience or communication difficulties. I felt as if I was just in London and talking to her face to face.'  XLL


5 Stars  Then Final Year Medical Student, now GP: plagiarism and collusion


'I am a medical student and I was really lucky to have found such a professional, reliable and honest solicitor. I worked closely with Rosanna on my case and she was absolutely terrific. The best part of my experience is when we worked on my documents together through the phone. She would play the devil's advocate as we went over each sentence in detail, clearly pointing out the strength and weakness of my defence. She had many constructive ideas to contribute to my case and pushed me to recall important details to bridge the gaps in my evidence. Her technical expertise in the field of my case is second to none. I also valued very much Rosanna's morale support in keeping me strong and focused throughout the process. It was daunting and emotionally draining to face legal accusations but after working with Rosanna, I felt I had a fighting chance on my case. I won my appeal and about to practise as a junior doctor. I am extremely grateful for all the support RT Coopers has given me and I truly hope others in similar positions can find solicitors as good as those on the RT Coopers team.' MT


5 Stars Dental Student, Withdrawn from course and on Appeal re-admitted 


'I was truly blessed to have been referred to RT Coopers by a friend. I was extremely impressed with Dr Cooper’s professionalism, dedication and efficiency in handling my appeal statement . Her keen analytical mind and fantastic understanding of the legal system led to an epiphany's regarding my appeal case. She and her team sacrificed their weekend and worked relentlessly to provide a waterproof appeal which led to the best possible outcome. In addition, she took time off her busy schedule to support me through my hearing and provided invaluable advice and prompts. I most definitely would not have succeeded without her. She led me to analyse my own shortcomings and provided me with the insight to understand my case thoroughly, most importantly, she emphasised the importance of being honest and the conviction of standing up for what is right, which I believe made all the difference. I had imagined that this would be a difficult and confusing process, but Dr cooper was able to allay my concerns and kept me fully appraised of progress at every stage. This is my first experience of dealing with solicitors, and I am pleased to say that it was a positive and stress-free one. I would have no hesitation in using Dr Cooper’s services again in the future, and I will certainly recommend her to my friends and colleagues. It is comforting to know that solicitors like Dr Cooper still exists and strive for justice and equality.’ YL


5 Stars PhD Student, OIA Complaint. OIA held case was partially justified.  


RT Coopers  Solicitors have brilliantly and tirelessly represented me in a medical/disability discrimination complaint that was filed with the University and OIA.  After a year of getting nowhere on my own against an uncompassionate School and Faculty, I was fortunate to find this legal team to represent me.  Their compassion and understanding of my situation was overwhelming.  For the first time, I felt like someone listened and understood.  Their knowledge of University rules and regulations has allowed them to move a complaint forward that appeared to have been dismissed by the highest levels of the University.  Rosanna was always willing to speak to me when a decision was made that she feared I would find distressing and explain the true ramifications of the situation.  This would put my mind at rest and focus me on the next step in the process.  


RT Coopers Solicitors took over the stressful and horrible task of fighting for my right to stay at the University and allowed me to focus on my medical recovery from cancer.  Before contacting Rosanna, I spent countless hours (around medical appointments) speaking to my University Student Representatives who tried to assist me, but were not equipped to deal with ‘real life’ crises.  My formal complaints were dismissed by uncompassionate and sometimes cruel-acting Faculty members. 


Rosanna composed and filed brilliant complaints demonstrating the injustice of the Faculty’s treatment toward me and the faults in previous University decisions.  I am now waiting for a final outcome.  Although I hope to be able to return to my PhD Studentship, the outcome no longer matters.  By allowing Rosanna to take over the stressful complaint process, I have been able to heal and forgive.  I have taken the first steps towards medical health and am hopeful of finding a professional future.  I am ready to put the University nightmare behind me.


I cannot thank RT Coopers or recommend them highly enough.  Rosanna is strength, compassion, and brilliance. I am forever grateful. Yours Sincerely.' SH



5 Stars LLM Student - Degree Classification Dispute - Appeal Prepared and Submitted by Student - Accepted and Progressed by University to Next Stage


'Dr Rosanna of RT Coopers did a phenomenal job with my appeal for my degree classification. I had previously made three attempts to the University myself, but failed to get the traction that Dr Rosanna’s appeal received from the University. To state that Dr Rosanna is a legal powerhouse with a brilliant mind and unparalleled genius, is an understatement. The reality is that her legal prowess far surpasses what words can describe. She was always there for my questions and intrusions. Working with me on the appeal sometimes into the wee hours of the night, she showed that she cared, but above and beyond being a remarkable guru in this area, her unique ability to engage with the subtleties of the academic regulations. She is filled with an overwhelming goodness in her heart. My appeal is now before the University. Its arguments stand the strongest, most coherent and compelling they have ever been. Dr Rosanna is a life saver and for this, I am grateful. Words cannot do justice to express my overwhelming gratitude for what Dr Rosanna has done for me.' PK 



5 Stars Final Year Medical Student Accused of Misconduct and Suspended from Medical School – At Risk of Terminations due to Accusations made against Student - Statement prepared and submitted – Reinstatement to Medical School - now FY1


'I would like to submit this testimonial following the resolution of a serious issue which threatened my completing the final year of my medical degree. I was unjustly accused of racial abuse against a fellow student and the university launched a formal investigation. I was aware that this issue could, if not handled properly, lead to a formal hearing and possible expulsion from my course. I very much needed to present a case which would stop the process at the investigation stage and contacted R T Coopers for help. Rosanna Cooper took on the case herself and made immediate progress by advising me what evidence I needed, how to assimilate it and coached me in how to respond to questions. Rosanna was truly impressive and seemed to have no regard to the hours she put in or the times she could be contacted. Having spent several days preparing the evidence I met with Rosanna the day before the formal investigation meeting and spent several hours with her reviewing the evidence I had collected and discussing the way I should deliver this in the investigation. She advised that I should attend the meeting with one of my parents. After the meeting I felt much more confident in attending the investigation which actually went very well. The result of the investigation was that there was insufficient evidence to support the allegations and that no further action should be taken. I cannot thank Rosanna enough for the advice and coaching that she gave me. The allegations were unfounded, and the evidence supported this, nevertheless the support I received enabled me to deal with the investigation in a professional and confident way and succeeded in preventing the process from proceeding further.' CB




5 Stars Law Student. Not allowed to become a member of the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) becuase found guilty of plagiarism. On appeal granted membership to the SRA


'I will like to thank RT Coopers especially Rosanna and Tariq for their immense support and advice they offered me within such a short period of contacting them. I had a very tight deadline and was almost on the verge of giving up. They showed concern and thorough dedication and were never late with replying to my emails. I was never made to feel like my case was hopeless, infact their passion and drive gave me the strength I needed both now and for the future. On a few occasions I called Rosanna out of office hours and she was always on hand to listen and encourage me. I still cannot believe how someone could understand me so perfectly within few days of meeting me. I felt like I had known Rosanna for a long time. My thoughts and emotions were well captured, something I could not do myself.  I was even advised to take some courses that will help me become a better person, which was beyond my expectations. My experience with RT Coopers has been fantastic and will gladly recommend their services to anyone requiring help and support from education lawyers. My appeal was successful and now I can look forward to a bright future. I rate RT Coopers 5 out of 5, for a highly impeccable service.'   R.J


5 Stars Student Nurse, OIA Complaint


I am most grateful for the service I received from the team at RT Coopers. I would like to thank you as you were there for me at all times whenever I needed you. You helped me to find my identity and brought back my confidence which I had lost. I am very delighted to know you and happy to continue to work with you and will recommend your service to fellow friends. Your hard work and the systematic way in which you handled my case makes the service very excellent. Furthermore, I appreciate you for preparing good arguments that reflected the complicated issues in my case. You offered a huge advantage in terms of professional knowledge in spite of the challenges I faced. Thank you Rosanna and Tariq for your warm welcoming personalities, good communication and flexible and balanced approach received from you. It has been good to work with you.R.M


4.5 Stars Trainee Teacher, deregistered 


'I cannot praise Rosanna and Tariq highly enough. They worked so hard on the appeal of my practical exam - indeed, I could not believe the hours that Rosanna worked as we were on a very tight time-schedule so Rosanna seemed to work right through the night. I was amazed with both her humanity in being able quickly to see the injustice of the situation I was in, coupled with her professionalism in being able to draw all the strands together in compiling an appeals document which sounded just like it came from my pen. Rosanna is kind, caring and has unbelievable empathy at a time when a student and the student's family are highly stressed and emotional. She throws a lifebelt to those who are drowning in a sea of injustice. She is incredibly hard working, dedicated and focused. Thank you sincerely, Rosanna! You provide a wonderful service and you are so dedicated to your clients.' R.C.


5 Stars Student Therapist, withdrawn from course on Appeal re-admitted


'It was an absolute pleasure working with Rosanna and her team. Her advice and actions were one of a true professional. She has worked vigorously on every detail and problem that I encountered guiding me step by step through any difficulties. I felt that we bonded during our time working together and the sincerity from Rosanna and her team is one that is rare to encounter. I would recommend RT Coopers to my friends or family as I know how dedicated and passionate this firm is about their clients and cases. I would say look no further if one is in search of a lawyer within this field, you won't be disappointed. Many thanks to Rosanna and her team I am forever appreciative as I had a successful outcome.LH 


5 Stars PhD Student, Complaint to the OIA


'I found everyone in the firm very helpful and very friendly especially on the phone or Skype.  RT Coopers provided me with the legal framework in order for me to make my case stronger. They explored new avenues and approaches that could not have been made without them. I am very thankful to the team at RT Coopers, as they put lots of effort into my case and provided a full legal cover for my case. Overall, I found the team very helpful, friendly and keen to explore important and legal issues. They worked on my case very efficiently and prepared my complaint on time for submission to the OIA. I won my appeal.' A.U


5 Stars Parent of Pharmacy Student, classed as oversees student. On Appeal re-classified as home student


'Like most appeal cases, when I was faced with my daughter’s appeal against a British University, I had a strict deadline and as it was the tail end of summer most solicitors were either on holiday or not available. RT Cooper’s response was swift, and despite its own ongoing workload the firm organised my appeal very quickly and in a very professional manner. At the outset it made its plan of action and costing very clear, and its compliance with SRA’s obligations were made very transparent. I must say that to date I have not even met the members of the team; all of my work was conducted over the internet- the firm is very versatile and works very diligently to deadlines. Rosanna’s pleasant but firm, determined and decisive approach is most inspiring, especially when you feel like throwing in the towel. I am glad that I chose RT Coopers to appeal my daughter’s case, I felt confident and motivated and we were successful! I will have no hesitation in recommending RT Coopers to any of my friends and colleagues. Many Thanks.RS


5 Stars Law Student based in Australia


I live in Australia and I am a final year law student. Just before Christmas 2014, a very complex academic situation arose and I did not know who to turn to for help. I spent many sleepless nights in writing the chronology and searching the University rules that dealt with my situation. Right from the outset I knew that I needed an expert lawyer (a genius) to deal with several aspects of my enrolment including exclusion. Preparing an appeal with so many added complications was not an easy task. I prayed and prayed that I could find a lawyer that I could trust with an objective mind willing to help me. My lucky stars led me to RT Coopers in London. I emailed them.  When I was contacted by Dr Rosanna Cooper I knew straight away that I was in good hands.  Rosanna knew exactly what needed to be done. We both spend many hours in communicating with each other prior to submitting the appeal. I am very lucky to have found Rosanna at RT Coopers and I am sure that as a consequence of Rosanna’s intervention I will graduate in May 2015.' NP


5 Stars Medical Student


'Thanks for all of your work on my case over the last few weeks. I really do appreciate the time and effort that went into this. Should I have any other legal issues in the future, I'll be sure to contact you as I was very impressed with the way everything was conducted.' AD


4.5 Stars Ex-student nurse, Deregistration and on Appeal re-admitted


When I called RT Coopers one Friday morning, my case was a very difficult one as I was appealing and looking for re-integration into university to finish my nursing degree. I have to say that the time I called RT Coopers, I was desperate about my education, depressed about what had happened during my placement and facing bereavement of my younger brother. As English is not my first language, believe me I wanted just to speak in my mother tongue. I don't know how this team understood me. 


I will like to add that Rosanna spent so much time with me. On one occasion, she spent more than four hours on Skype with me just to get more details and get to grips with the issues in my case. In my mind, I was questioning myself about what is she looking for? Why so many questions? Honestly, she knows her job.


The appeal the team wrote was very effective  and successful. I went back to my education but because of language barrier, I have had to change to another course. I will not hesitate to recommend this firm.' V.N. 


5 StarsReal Estate, Finance and Investment, Deregistration and on Appeal re-admitted 


'I found working with RT Cooper's an easy and pleasurable experience from the very beginning. The members of staff were very understanding and knowledgeable and offered sound advice on a complicated case. One thing that stood out for me was the extra mile that they were willing to go. My case had an uncertain and tight deadline and when it became necessary the team at RT Cooper's worked throughout the night to get everything done. As a result of their work, my university appeal was successful, which meant I was able to sit the exam as a first attempt. This allowed me to get the degree and job I wanted. A Big thank you to Rosanna and the Team!' VS


5 Stars Ex President, University of East London Students' Union


'Our students union had specific legal requirements in the areas of employment and commercial law as well as commercial property.  Our aim was to instruct the services of a law firm which had sound knowledge and expertise in those areas coupled with the experience of working with organisations like ours.  We eventually settled on RT Coopers because they appeared to be client focussed and matched our criteria.  The quality and consistency of their services have surpassed our expectations.  Not only are the lawyers proactive, they possess a thorough understanding of the law and the issues facing a students’ union. They deliver practical and reliable legal solutions which have allowed us to get on with the day-to-day running of the union.  This combined with their friendly and efficient approach, means we would not hesitate to recommend their services.' Caston Matewu


5 Stars Parent of Final Year Medical Student. Excluded, on Appeal allowed to retake final year exams


'I wanted to thank you on behalf of the whole family for your assistance during our daughter’s appeal. We really appreciate your help and the personal effort and touch put into it. Once again, many thanks and may God richly bless you for caring'. FB


5 Stars Provided advice  on Offer from University regarding Cancellation of Dental and Oral Sciences Course - Settlement Terms Negotiated and Agreed – Advising Student on Settlement Agreement with University  -Finalising Agreement


'Thank you very much Rosanna for all the help you provided to me with through a difficult time. You have a great warm personality, and I appreciate how transparent and honest you are. Your advice and efforts throughout the whole issue are very much appreciated. Definitely recommend this firm, the lawyers are reliable, efficient and honest. Will definitely be keeping you in my contact book and will recommend you to friends and family!' KaurK 



5 Stars  Parent of SS - Level 3 Fitness to Study Allegation against SS -  SS was facing Withdrawal from studies at University - We prepared Statement for SS to present to Fitness to Study Panel- SS successful and allowed to complete studies


'I have met one of many angels on the Earth, her name is  Rosanna. She knows what she's doing. Rosanna has great experience. She promises nothing but she does a great job! Highly recommend her! She has great patience. I could not speak English well, but she showed me she really cared about us. I give five stars!' SM



5 Stars  Level 3 Fitness to Study Allegation -  Student was facing Withdrawal from studies at University - We prepared Statement for Student to present to Fitness to Study Panel- Student successful and allowed to complete studies


'There is no limit to my gratitude to Dr Rosanna Cooper as she is an amazing human being and such a brilliant lawyer. I thank God that I met her. She helped me through all the way up till the end of my Panel hearing. She made absolutely sure that her job was done effectively. When I started to read my statement, which she prepared, I was so satisfied with the effort that Dr Rosanna had put into my work. You could see how amazingly she had done the job. It felt like Dr Rosanna had been there and felt all the tiny bits of my story and lived through it with me, my life. Finally she could put it all into to my statement and make it come alive.

I straight away realised that she is not like other lawyers or doctors who only want to work for money and get the job done quickly. I realised she does it from her heart and she does it full of love. She does her job with love. And that's why I never regret to have chosen her. She was the most right and brilliant lawyer for me in the world. She is also very resilient and patient human being and lawyer. I recommend other people to the firm! Thanks so much for your great and brilliant work! I give to Dr Rosanna's brilliant work 5 stars!'  SS






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