Biocides, Disinfectants, Insectides, Pesticides & Treated Articles


Specialist product regulatory lawyers advising 

manufacturers, distributors and importers

of biocidal products in the EU 


At RT Coopers solicitors the regulatory lawyers will advise and assist you on how to ensure compliance of your biocidal products under the Biocidal Product Regulation EU 528/2012 (“BPR”), whether you manufacture, sell, distribute or import biocides, insectides or pesticides. The BPR is relevant to your business if you are making biocidal products available on the European Union (‘EU’) market and/or placing treated articles on the EU market.


You should note that the BPR is binding in its entirety and directly applicable in all Member States of the EU, including the UK.


Our solicitors are experts in product  regulatory law. Our regulatory solicitors have vast experience of advising and assisting manufacturing companies, distributors and importers in this area of law. The point is that before you can place a biocidal product on the market in the EU, it must have an authorisation, and the active substances contained in that biocidal product must be previously approved. This is where we come in as we are able to assist your company with the application for authorisation and approval.



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Our Services


Some of the unique services we can offer you for the regulation of your products such as biocides, treated articles, pesticides, insecticides, disinfectants and  preservatives include:

Biocidal Products

  • Advice on the Advertising of Biocidal Products
  • Advice on complying with the BPR and the requirements for obtaining Authorisation
  • Advice on Label Claims
  • Advice on Mutual Recognition Applications
  • Advice on Simplified Authorisation Procedure
  • Classification, Packaging and Labelling of your Products
  • Data Protection
  • Misleading Advertising
  • Preparation of Application for Approval of Active Substances to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)
  • Preparation of Application for Authorisation of Biocidal Products or Biocidal Product Families, including Preparation of Dossier through ECHA 
  • Submission to ECHA

Treated Articles

  • Advertising of Treated Articles
  • Advice on the Importation of Articles into the EU that are Treated with Biocides
  • Classification and Labelling and Packaging
  • Evaluate whether your Product is a Treated Article
  • Evaluate whether your Treated Articles have a Primary Biocidal Function
  • Preparation of Application for Authorisation, including Preparation of Dossier

Product Types


We will assist your company with your application for authorisation of your biocidal product and/or approval of active substances in order to achieve compliance under the BPR, whether your products are:


  • Antibacterial Wipes
  • Avicides - Products used for the control of birds
  • Disinfectants
  • Embalming or Taxidermist Fluids
  • Furniture painted with wood preservatives
  • Insecticides, acaricides to control other arthropods
  • Molluscicides, vermicides and products to control other vertebrates
  • Pest Control Products
  • Piscicides - Products used for the control of fish
  • Preservatives
  • Products used to control harmful organisms
  • Products to control microbial deterioration in fluids used for working or cutting metal, glass or other materials
  • Products used to control growth and settlement of fouling organisms (microbes and higher forms of plant and animal species) on vessels, aquaculture equipment or other structures used in water
  • Rodenticides - Products used for the control of mice, rats or other rodents
  • Slimicides - Products used for the prevention or control of slime growth on materials, equipment and structures, used in industrial processes
  • Veterinary Hygiene Products

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New EU Biocidal Regulation: Treated ArticlesAugust 2013





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