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Our outstanding food lawyers have the unique expertise to ensure your food supplements containing vitamins and minerals are compliant under European and English law.  Food supplements are concentrated sources of nutrients or other substances with nutritional or physiological effect, with the purpose of supplementing normal diets.


We understand your industry and endeavour to keep abreast of the changes in the legislation surrounding food supplements, whether marketed in dose forms such as capsules, tablets, sachets, drop dispensing bottles or similar forms.


Our quality food and nutritional lawyers are trained scientists and we also have a leading food specialist as part of our team.


Our leading food solicitors can advise and assist you whether your food business manufactures, processes, distributes, uses, sells or imports food supplements within the European Union (“EU”) or exports to the EU. If your company intends to or exports food supplements into the EU, your business has to ensure that your products meet all legal requirements and we guarantee you will accomplish this, once you choose us.


Our Services


Our food law solicitors ensure that your food supplements contain the vitamins and minerals that are legal to use, safe, with the right composition and appropriately labelled. A food lawyer is here to advise and assist your business on the composition and labelling of your individual food supplements. Some of our legal services relating to food supplements are as follows:


Advertising and Marketing

  • Advice on the Presentation and Advertising of Food Supplements

Misleading Advertising 


  • Misleading Descriptions in Food Supplements under the Misleading Advertising Regulations

Borderline Food Supplements and Medicinal Products 

  • Evaluation of Weight Loss Products to determine whether Products should be classed as Medicinal Products or Food Supplements
  • Evaluation and advice on whether Food Supplement is Borderline Food or Medicinal Products 

Composition of Food Supplements 

  • Advice on the Composition of Food Supplements
  • Analysis and Evaluation of the Composition of Food Supplements


Contract Manufacturing
  • Advice on Contract Manufacturing of Food Supplements
  • Drafting contracts for Contract Manufacturing of Food Supplements
  • Negotiating Contracts
  • Advice on ther Distribution of Food Supplements
  • Drafting contracts for the Distribution of Food Supplements
  • Negotiating Contracts

Food Enforcement Authorities

  • Assisting with Food Enforcement Authorities and Food Enforcement Officers

Importation, Exportation and Supply of Food Supplements

  • Advice on the Legality of the Importation and Supply of Nutritional Supplements
  • Drafting contracts for the Importation, Exportation and Supply of Food Supplements
  • Negotiating Contracts


  • Advice on the Labelling requirements of Food Supplements
  • Analysis and Evaluation of Food Supplements Labels and Advice on how to make them Compliant

Marketing Authorisations

  • Assist with the preparation of a Dossier to obtain a Marketing Authorisation, where Food Supplement is Classed as Medicine
  • Advice on ther manufacturing of Food Supplements
  • Drafting contracts for the Manufacturing of Food Supplements
  • Negotiating Contracts

Nutrition and Health Claims

  • Analysis and Evaluation of Nutrition and Health Claims
  • Advice on Nutrition and Health claims and how to become Complaint  

Product Recalls

  • Advice on Product Recalls


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Food Supplements (vitamins and minerals): How to ensure your Food Supplements are Compliant under the Law, July 2013





We are really grateful to the RT Coopers work. They advised us on several subjects that are really important to our business. They also drafted a few contracts for our company. We highly recommend their professional services to any company looking for a high standard legal advice/solution with integrity and honesty.


David Raimundo, Director of Medis Health Ltd


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