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5 Stars ST7 Cardiology Trainee given ARCP Outcome 4 - Drafted an Appeal against the Decision of ARCP Panel on behalf of Cardiology Trainee  – Appeal submitted to ARCP Appeal Panel - Appeal accepted and ARCP Outcome 4 overutned to grant ARCP Outone 3 


'I sought Dr Rosanna Cooper’s legal expertise with only 4 days left to appeal an ARCP Outcome 4. Within 48 hours we had a marathon face to face discovery meeting to ascertain the facts for my appeal. Her considered methodology in the preparation of this appeal was thorough and instructive, helped by her knowledge of the process. Her objective insightful approach was critical and culminated in a first class appeal document which she prepared and I reviewed then submitted on time. I was extremely delighted that my appeal was upheld. My subsequent outcome 3 gave me the opportunity to focus on salvaging my clinical career. On reflection, I was fortunate to have found her Law firm - RT Coopers. Dr Cooper’s tenacity was what I needed and her perseverance is remarkable. I highly recommend and hold in great esteem this talented, experienced Solicitor. 5 Star'. SA, ST7 


5 Stars Final attempt of the FRCS Trauma & Orthopaedics Examinations (“JCIE Examinations”). No further attempts of the JCIE Examinations were allowed by the Intercollegiate Examinations (“JCIE”) under the Trauma & Orthopaedics Examination Regulations (“JCIE Regulations”).  Successful challenge of the JCIE Regulations and fifth attempt granted



'I am very grateful to RT Coopers for a favorable outcome with regards to the JCIE changes in examination regulations. I worked with Rosanna Cooper who was very patient and took on board all my frustrations and issues with the JCIE. She advised professionally and recommended a strategic approach to the case. The firm is very thorough and I was amazed at the amount of research they put into it. I was also amazed at her willingness to adopt to my approach despite her recommendations. I did realize her wisdom at some point and completely surrendered to her counsel, and I am glad I did. She is very professional and I believe in her, knowing that, the fight was never really mine but hers. She has a very sound understanding of post-graduate medical training, the GMC and training Boards. I will certainly go back to RT Coopers in the future, for any other problems'. AM



5 Stars  ST6 Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery (T&O) Trainee given ARCP Outcome 4 - Drafted an Appeal against the Decision of ARCP Panel on behalf of T&O Trainee – Appeal submitted to ARCP Appeal Panel – Drafted Statement for ARCP Appeal Panel Hearing – Representation at ARCP Panel Hearing - Following successful Appeal, T&O Trainee received ARCP Outcome 3 



‘The firm is very professional and approachable, Rosanna is happy to be contacted out of working hours which allows you to talk in a confidential manner. I had a meeting with her in her office and subsequent Skype meetings and several telephone conversations. She even spoke to one of my consultants who was supportive to obtain feedback and an action plan. Rosanna even got me in touch with a couple of her previous clients for advice and support. She will give an honest opinion if she feels you have a good case and will let you know if you are unrealistic about your expectations. 

Rosanna helped me challenge my appeal for an outcome 4 in my ARCP and mentored me to develop myself and thought process to gain extreme ownership in my training and actions.  She drafted an appeal and a statement for the request for an appeal and almost 120 page document for the appeal panel, which we worked on together. I felt that she was dedicated and committed to achieving the deadlines and she walked the extra mile. I was grateful for Rosanna having to re-shuffle some of her commitments in order to attend the appeal hearing with me. Even when I got my desired outcome she was still in contact to make sure I am moving forward.  My grounds of appeal were late diagnosis of dyslexia that was not taken into account, having had surgery that was causing anxiety, bullying, cultural barrier and the deanery not following the correct procedures. I would strongly recommend the services of RT Coopers’. K.E ST6 T&O



5 Stars   GP ST2 given ARCP Outcome 4 - Drafted an Appeal against the Decision of ARCP Panel on behalf of Trainee GP – Appeal submitted to ARCP Appeal Panel - Following successful Appeal, Trainee GP received ARCP Outcome 3 



'Dr Rosanna Cooper has been a fantastic guide and support through the cruelling Appeal process. I had gone through the ARCP Appeal and Review stages myself with advice from the BMA. I only involved Rosanna when it came to the preparation for the Independent Appeal.   I regret not involving her earlier.  Rosanna took my raw Appeal and in the course of a mammoth telephone and Skype conversation guided me through many alterations and improvements that would be necessary. Her knowledge in this area is superior to any other advisor I tried.  After I had incorporated all her suggestions the Appeal documentation made a huge leap in its professionalism. She then kindly worked on it solidly over a full weekend to meet the deadline.  What she was able to suggest and craft, from my draft, made the conclusions and summary rock solid. She displayed a level of care and interest in my case that was unsurpassed. I wholeheartedly recommend her and the firm, 5 stars'.   Dr W.M



5 Stars Trainee Registrar in Medical Oncology Specialty (then ST4)-  ARCP Outcome 3 – Drafted and submitted an Appeal of the Decision of ARCP Panel on behalf of Doctor – Following successful Appeal  to the ARCP Appeal Panel the Trainee Registrar received ARCP Outcome 2 - Now ST5


'Receiving unfair ARCP outcome (outcome 3) after my ARCP meeting was one of the darkest hours in my life. I felt helpless and in need of help. However, knowing that it was an unfair outcome, I decided to appeal.

I knew that I needed professional help to get the appeal right. Searching online, I found a few names but after deliberating, I chose Dr Rosanna Cooper of RT Coopers. I immediately felt that my intuition was right. The commitment, work-ethic and the professionalism that she embodied were instantaneously reassuring. She gave me adequate time to listen to my case and consider all its aspects before reaching the appropriate argument that nailed the case.

After submitting my appeal, my case was reviewed by the same panel that awarded the initial outcome. After reading the appeal, the panel changed the outcome to ARCP Outcome 2. The chair of the panel praised the written appeal arguments and he said, “that he agreed with a lot of its content”.  Rosanna is a professional, compassionate, and savvy solicitor and it was god who sent her to me. During your difficult times, I am sure she will help you too.'  Dr M.M


5 Stars MRCP(UK) Examinations - Results of Doctor withheld by MRCP(UK) - Drafted Appeal on behalf of Doctor against Decision - Successful Outcome


'I am so pleased to have this excellent collaboration with Dr Rosanna Cooper. I am also pleased with her amazing and very professional work. I couldn’t ask for more. She covered all the requested aspects very carefully, providing the best legal cover.  Rosanna has responded quick and in a very short notice for my case despite the fact that it was a challenging case without similar incident in the past. I have been amazed from the broad and very specific cover of the legal aspects for this case.  But, also touched from the human manner, friendly and moral support. I have been impressed by the willingness to provide with further support, additional changes and always with all the respect to me. Without question,  RT Coopers will be always, my first choice in the future.' Dr T.P



5 Stars  Foundation Year 2 (F2) Doctor: F2 Doctor obtained ARCP Outcome 4. After assisting F2 Doctor with drafting of Appeal, statement and preparation/coaching for ARCP hearing, F2 Doctor was reinstated in order to complete training


'My overall feeling about the firm RT Coopers is good.  Dr Rosanna Cooper advised and assisted me throughout my case. When I was going through reports and reflections, Dr Cooper was able to see the positive and negative, strengths and weaknesses as a third person operating from outside the box. She explored my case from all angles to consider the likelihood of certain issues being raised and how to address them during the ARCP hearing and  was familiar with the procedures and acted always in accordance with my needs as the client and to my benefit at all times. As a solicitor it is important to relate to people and not to treat a clientele as just another business. It is essential to understand the prevailing circumstances as well as the background of a person in order to help the present and the future. Dr Cooper did this and I appreciate her efforts for grooming me and helping me prepare to the required level until the ARCP hearing. I discovered Dr Cooper is approachable, patient and has a caring nature with allowance for open communication. I appreciated the availability of your services until my ARCP hearing and my success. I give the firm a 5 star rating'. Dr Khan


5 Stars Consultant (Cosmetic Surgeon)


'Rosanna, we cannot thank you in words for what you have done for us.  Your personal attention is phenomenal.  You have worked over and beyond with your team - Tariq and Jenny.  You are tireless and put all your energy into every task. Above all you are a kind and most caring individual.  Because you acted on his behalf, our son won his appeal against the medical school after he successfully complained to the OIA. God Bless!' Dr Atul Khanna, Parent of Medical Student


5 Stars Then FYI now GP - Collusion and Plagiarism Allegation - Appealed - Won Appeal 


'I am a trainee doctor and I was really lucky to have found such a professional, reliable and honest solicitor. I worked closely with Rosanna on my case and she was absolutely terrific. The best part of my experience is when we worked on my documents together through the phone. She would play the devil's advocate as we went over each sentence in detail, clearly pointing out the strength and weakness of my defence. She had many constructive ideas to contribute to my case and pushed me to recall important details to bridge the gaps in my evidence. Her technical expertise in the field of my case is second to none. I also valued very much Rosanna's morale support in keeping me strong and focused throughout the process. It was daunting and emotionally draining to face legal accusations but after working with Rosanna, I felt I had a fighting chance on my case. I won my appeal and about to practise as a junior doctor. I am extremely grateful for all the support RT Coopers has given me and I truly hope others in similar positions can find solicitors as good as those on the RT Coopers team.' MT, Trainee Doctor now GP


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