Herbal Medicines and Traditional Herbal Registrations

The regulatory lawyers at RT Coopers are experienced in regulatory law, in particular, in advising and assisting companies manufacturing and selling herbal medicines.  If you manufacture or sell herbal medicines in the UK you must have a traditional herbal registration or a full marketing authorisation based on the safety, quality and efficacy of the herbal products.




Our regulatory solicitors are experienced in classifying and labelling herbal products. The key is to determine whether your herbal products are borderline herbal products as medicines, food or cosmetics. Some of our services in relation to herbal products are set out below:



  • Advice on the Advertising of Herbal Medicines


Classification of Herbal Medicines

  • Advice on the Classification of Herbal Products
  • Assessment of Herbal Products to ensure they are correctly Classified and Compliant under the law
  • Advise and assist with the Classification of Borderline Herbal Products as Medicines, Food or Cosmetics



  • Advise and assist with the Distribution of Herbal Medicines



  • Advice on the Legality of the Importation and Supply of Herbal Medicines

Labelling and Composition

  • Advice on the Labelling requirements of Herbal Medicines
  • Analysis and Evaluation of Herbal Medicine Label Claims
  • Advice on How to make Labels Compliant
  • Advice on the Manufacture of Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products


Marketing Authorisation

  • Advise and assist with the Preparation of the Application and Dossier for Marketing Authorisation for Herbal Medicinal Products


Misleading Advertising 

  • Misleading Descriptions in Herbal Medicines under the Misleading Advertising Regulations



  • Advice on Regulatory issues concerning Traditional Herbal Medicine Registration and Marketing Authorisations for Herbal Medicinal Products


Traditional Herbal Medicine Registration

  • Advice on Traditional Herbal Medicine Registration
  • Advise and assist with the Preparation of the Application and Dossier for Traditional Herbal Medicine Registration


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Herbal Medicines: Traditional Herbal RegistrationJune 2013 




‘We are really grateful to the RT Coopers work. They advised us on several subjects that are really important to our business. They also drafted a few contracts for our company. We highly recommend their professional services to any company looking for a high standard legal advice/solution with integrity and honesty.’ David Raimundo, Director of Medis Health Ltd


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