News and Events 2018

5 Stars ST7 Cardiology Trainee given ARCP Outcome 4 - Drafted an Appeal against the Decision of ARCP Panel on behalf of Cardiology Trainee  – Appeal submitted to ARCP Appeal Panel - Appeal accepted and ARCP Outcome 4 overutned to grant ARCP Outone 3 - December 2918


'I sought Dr Rosanna Cooper’s legal expertise with only 4 days left to appeal an ARCP Outcome 4. Within 48 hours we had a marathon face to face discovery meeting to ascertain the facts for my appeal. Her considered methodology in the preparation of this appeal was thorough and instructive, helped by her knowledge of the process. Her objective insightful approach was critical and culminated in a first class appeal document which she prepared and I reviewed then submitted on time. I was extremely delighted that my appeal was upheld. My subsequent outcome 3 gave me the opportunity to focus on salvaging my clinical career. On reflection, I was fortunate to have found her Law firm - RT Coopers. Dr Cooper’s tenacity was what I needed and her perseverance is remarkable. I highly recommend and hold in great esteem this talented, experienced Solicitor. 5 Star'. SA, ST7 



5 Stars Settlement Agreement Negotiations with Successful Outcome - November 2018


'Firstly I give your firm a 5-star rating. I’d like to thank RT Coopers for the excellent work the firm did in dealing with my settlement agreement recently. In the past I have never particularly liked having to deal with lawyers, however I was pleasantly surprised by the professional and friendly service I received from the settlement agreement lawyer. Even though I engaged RT Coopers relatively close to the date my settlement agreement was due, my lawyer still managed to fit me into her busy schedule without being critical of the relatively tight time window I presented the firm with. The settlement agreement lawyer did a very thorough job in going through and explaining all the documents my company had given me. She also alerted me about potential options I had not been aware of before engaging RT Coopers. In short, I would like to thank the settlement agreement lawyer at RT Coopers again for the sterling work she did for me. I give the firm my highest recommendation all round. This is definitely a 5-star firm!' AW



Leading Food Labelling Lawyers will provide you with outstanding Legal Advice regarding Labelling of your Food Products - November 2018


Our leading food labelling lawyers will advise and assist you with labelling your food products to ensure compliance under the law. There is specific legislation that prescribes what mandatory information has to be included on food labels. An elite food labelling solicitor will ensure that your food labels are compliant in terms of the labelling, packaging and composition of your food products, any nutritional and health claims and, in particular, the information you must provide to consumers about your food products whether you are a manufacturer, a caterer, a distributor, an importer, a retailer or a restaurant. More


Outstanding Higher Education Solicitors achieving phenomenal results advising Dentistry Students undertaking Dentistry BDS - November 2018

Our dentistry academic appeal lawyers have an impressive track record in advising dentistry students and successfully drafting university academic appeals and representing dental surgery BDS students in hearings before Panel or Committee members. Our dental education lawyers will advise and assist you whether you have failed your end of year resit for your written and practical examinations or your final examinations. A dentistry student solicitor will draft your academic appeal regardless of whether you have failed your coursework or examinations for biomedical sciences, your core dentistry modules, other modules dealing with the practice of dentistry or the clinical aspects of dentistry and dental technology. More

Testimonial from ML - Successfully defended allegation of Collusion - October 2018


5 Stars Accused of Collusion by a prestigious University. ML accused of sharing  Data with a group of students on a social media site. RT Coopers advised ML during an initial consultation and then skillfully redrafted ML's statement which was submitted to the University. Successful outcome 


'RT Coopers provided great customer service combined with in-depth understanding and expertise in education law. Rosanna gave me competent advice with very fast turnaround time throughout a complex, high-stakes case pertaining to academic misconduct at an elite university. Due to your help & advice, I was acquitted and vindicated! I rate the firm 5 out of 5'. ML


Testimonial from AM - FRCS (T&O) Examination Candidate

5 Stars Final attempt of the FRCS Trauma & Orthopaedics Examinations (“JCIE Examinations”). No further attempts of the JCIE Examinations were allowed by the Intercollegiate Examinations (“JCIE”) under the Trauma & Orthopaedics Examination Regulations (“JCIE Regulations”).  Successful challenge of the JCIE Regulations and fifth attempt granted - October 2018


'I am very grateful to RT Coopers for a favorable outcome with regards to the JCIE changes in examination regulations. I worked with Rosanna Cooper who was very patient and took on board all my frustrations and issues with the JCIE. She advised professionally and recommended a strategic approach to the case. The firm is very thorough and I was amazed at the amount of research they put into it. I was also amazed at her willingness to adopt to my approach despite her recommendations. I did realize her wisdom at some point and completely surrendered to her counsel, and I am glad I did. She is very professional and I believe in her, knowing that, the fight was never really mine but hers. She has a very sound understanding of post-graduate medical training, the GMC and training Boards. I will certainly go back to RT Coopers in the future, for any other problems'. AM



ARCP:  Testimonial from K.E ST6 T&O - September 2018

5 Stars  ST6 Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery (T&O) Trainee given ARCP Outcome 4 - Drafted an Appeal against the Decision of ARCP Panel on behalf of T&O Trainee – Appeal submitted to ARCP Appeal Panel – Drafted Statement for ARCP Appeal Panel Hearing – Representation at ARCP Panel Hearing - Following successful Appeal, T&O Trainee received ARCP Outcome 3  - September 2018


‘The firm is very professional and approachable, Rosanna is happy to be contacted out of working hours which allows you to talk in a confidential manner. I had a meeting with her in her office and subsequent Skype meetings and several telephone conversations. She even spoke to one of my consultants who was supportive to obtain feedback and an action plan. Rosanna even got me in touch with a couple of her previous clients for advice and support. She will give an honest opinion if she feels you have a good case and will let you know if you are unrealistic about your expectations. 

Rosanna helped me challenge my appeal for an outcome 4 in my ARCP and mentored me to develop myself and thought process to gain extreme ownership in my training and actions.  She drafted an appeal and a statement for the request for an appeal and almost 120 page document for the appeal panel, which we worked on together. I felt that she was dedicated and committed to achieving the deadlines and she walked the extra mile. I was grateful for Rosanna having to re-shuffle some of her commitments in order to attend the appeal hearing with me. Even when I got my desired outcome she was still in contact to make sure I am moving forward.  My grounds of appeal were late diagnosis of dyslexia that was not taken into account, having had surgery that was causing anxiety, bullying, cultural barrier and the deanery not following the correct procedures. I would strongly recommend the services of RT Coopers’. K.E ST6 T&O



Frequently Asked Questions on Intellectual Property

Are intellectual property assets? - August 2018
Without a doubt, intellectual property (IP) is one of the most important assets that a company will own. IP can be licensed, bought, sold, hired or mortgaged like any other form of property. One of the main sources of IP is from the results of research and development work. In order for companies and individuals to maintain the value of their IP, they must ensure a sufficient level of protection and safeguard against infringing a third party’s IP.

Testimonial: Amrita Nutrition  - Import Food Supplements - August 2018

5 Stars Amrita Nutrition 
 ‘I cannot praise Rosanna at RT Coopers highly enough. The extremely complex rules and regulations surrounding the importation of nutritional products from outside the EU were beyond the capabilities of our team. Rosanna provided the support we needed with a methodical step by step approach that made the process so much easier and less stressful for all involved. The peace of mind of knowing you are working with a team of true professionals is very reassuring indeed. I would not hesitate to recommend them'. David Brassey, Founder, Amrita Nutrition 


Testimonial: Pro Hormones - Food Supplements - August 2018

5 Stars Pro Muscle Products Ltd
I contacted Rosanna to help me determine the legality of importing certain products that are on sale in the UK market. Rosanna having a background in Chemistry, was able to determine the status of these ingredients and provided a thorough report on her findings. I am very grateful for her hard work and would not hesitate in contacting her again for any legal advice I may require in the future’. Kirk Elliott, Managing Director, Pro Muscle Products Ltd

Testimonial Media and Entertainment - August 2018

5 Stars Games Development - Gambling - Terms and Conditions - Privacy Policy 


'I am a director of 7 Of The Best Ltd, a relatively new online sporting game about to enter its third full year of operation. Over the course of the game’s development and substantial growth in player numbers I have used RT Coopers extensively (notably working with Matthew), including seeking specialist advice on gambling legislation, all aspects of our firm’s terms and conditions and privacy policy, and most recently on our approach to dealing with the introduction of GDPR. In all these dealings I have been impressed by the depth of specialist knowledge available to me, and by the professional yet friendly and cooperative way our legal challenges and (sometimes no doubt naive) questions have been handled. I should also add that I have in an unrelated professional capacity been fortunate enough to work with a number of excellent corporate solicitors, and RT Coopers matches them in every respect. Finally, I should add that I have been struck by Matthew’s ability to quickly grasp the fundamentals of our business. This has hugely facilitated our numerous discussions and made every minute count. I’d give RT Coopers a 5-star rating'. Angus Stewart, Director, 7 Of The Best Ltd



In the case of Finanzamt Bingen-Alzey v Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG (Case C‑462/16) there was a preliminary ruling by the Court of Justice in connection with the interpretation of Article 90(1) of Council Directive 2006/112/EC of 28 November 2006 (‘the VAT Directive’) to determine the amount of value added tax (‘VAT’) payable by Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG for the 2011 tax year. More



5 Stars Final year student accused of plagiarism - when student instructed RT Coopers the best outcome the student could have hoped for was a zero mark for the module - RT Coopers drafted a statement  in support of case -  cleared of plagiarism on the strength of the statement - July 2018


'It has been a pleasure to work with RT Coopers. In their handling of my case, I was met with compassion and true dedication to ensuring that I received the best possible outcome. Rosanna went above and beyond in her work, liaising with me frequently and ensuring that all work was completed to the highest standard. From my experience with the firm, it is evident that RT Coopers is a well run, professional organisation. Their team are friendly and helpful and provide genuine, honest advice. In all matters pertaining to higher education law, I do not believe that there is a firm better equipped to handle student cases or concerns.

I am so thankful for all the work RT Coopers have completed for me. The outcome I received as a consequence of their hard work is more than I could have hoped for. As the head of the firm, Dr Rosanna Cooper is an outstanding solicitor. Her dedication, intellect and compassion are second to none. Throughout her dealings with my case, I was assured, knowing that she was fully devoted to my cause. Given that students invest both emotionally and financially in their education, matters pertaining to higher education law can deem daunting at first. However, with RT Coopers, students can rest assured that their future is in safe hands. After what has been a stressful few months, I am now confident in the knowledge that my future is bright, and that I am fully vindicated with the resolution of my case'.  Zoey



5 Stars Complaint to the OIA as student dissatisfied with Degree Classification  - Assisted with Complaint - The OIA has made recommendations to the University to reconsider Degree Classification - June 2018


I contacted Rosanna Cooper to help me with my son's case against his university on his degree classification to the OIA. From the first telephone conversation Rosanna was very helpful and honest about the nature of the case.


She was thorough, fair and transparent in providing assistance during the application process to the OIA. She worked over the weekend at short notice to meet the deadline. The OIA realised that important aspects discovered by Rosanna, about my son’s case were ignored during the University’s appeal process. I cannot thank her enough for her expertise and professionalism which ensured a highly satisfactory decision by the OIA in my son’s favour. The OIA has made recommendations to the university to reconsider his degree classification. More


General Data Protection Regulation - Revised Privacy Policy - May 2018

When we use your personal data we are regulated under the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) which applies across the European Union (including the United Kingdom) and we are responsible for personal data for the purposes of the GDPR as ‘controller’. Our use of your personal data is subject to your instructions, the GDPR, other relevant UK and EU legislation and our professional duty of confidentiality. For a copy of our Privacy Policy, click here


ARCP Outcome 4 - Electronic Brochure


We will work closely with you, using a systematic approach to point out the strengths and weaknesses of your case and offer constructive comments, sometimes pushing you to recall important details. The technical expertise of our education and training law team is second to none. We give you moral support, keeping you strong and focused throughout the process. Although it might be daunting and emotionally draining to have been given an ARCP Outcome 4 at this stage in your career, we leave no stone unturned. More


Medical Education



ARCP Outome 3 Electronic Brochure - May 2018


We will work closely with you, using a systematic approach to point out the strengths and weaknesses of your case, if you have received an ARCP Outcome 3, we will offer you offer constructive comments, sometimes pushing you to recall important details. The technical expertise of our education and training law team is second to none. We will give you moral support, keeping you strong and focused throughout the process. Although it might be daunting and emotionally draining to have been given an ARCP Outcome 3 at this stage in your career, we leave no stone unturned. More


Medical Education



Media and Entertainment Law Electronic Brochure - May 2018


We are expert media lawyers with extensive experience in providing advice on music production, drafting and negotiating media contracts including, recording contracts, publishing agreements as well as production, producer and remix agreements. We also draft contracts for production and TV companies involved in the production of feature films and TV series including option agreements, assignments of rights from a script writer to a film production c...ompany, crew and location agreements, agreements for actors and actresses and for directors and producers. In relation to theatrical productions, we have advised on the use of third party lyrics, melodies and the use of other copyright materials in works, and the ownership of intellectual property rights. We have also represented a number of companies regarding media disputes, especially in relation to ownership of copyright.

For our Media & Entertainment Law services, click here


For Media & Entertainment Electronic Brochure



Food Hygiene Electronic Brochure- May 2018


Our phenomenal team of food safety and hygiene lawyers offer a quick and easy approach to assessing whether your restaurant, café or takeaway is compliant under the food hygiene legislation. Our role is to ensure that you understand what is required of you under these laws and regulations and to help you to safeguard your reputation.  Naturally, we would work closely with you and your members of staff to meet the food and hygiene standards and to ensure you have the right food safety management systems and system of safe working in place to achieve compliance.  We would conduct due diligence on your processes and systems to identify any food hygiene and safety breaches and put the best measures in place to address them instantly.


Food Hygiene Electronic Brochure


Pharmaceuticals - April 2018

Take a look at our 2018 Pharma Electronic Brochure.



Our Food & Drink Law Electronic Brochure - April 2018


Our quality team of food lawyers has a wealth of experience advising companies in the food and drink industry sector over many years. The regulation of food and drink has become more complicated than ever before.

Take a look at our Food & Drink Electronic Brochure here









Our leaflet on Settlement Agreements - April 2018


  • Are you being made Redundant?
  • Have you been made Redundant?
  • Have you entered into Consultation with your Employer?
  • Have you been told the Reason for your Redundancy?
  • Have you agreed the Payment Terms of your Redundancy?
  • Do you have any unresolved Grievance or Disciplinary Action with your Employer?

Take a look at our leaflet on Settlement Agreements and contact us.

For more information on the legal services we provide on Settlement Agreement Advice click here



Our Electronic Brochure on Intellecual Property Law - April 2018


We are experts in IP law. Visit our specialist

IP law website and take a look at our IP law Electronic Brochure

  • Copyright
  • Trade marks
  • Knowhow
  • Design Registration


See More information about our IP services.





Higher Education: Testimonial From SM - April 2018


5 Stars  Parent of SS - Level 3 Fitness to Study Allegation against SS -  SS was facing Withdrawal from studies at University - We prepared Statement for SS to present to Fitness to Study Panel- SS successful and allowed to complete studies


'I have met one of many angels on the Earth, her name is  Rosanna. She knows what she's doing. Rosanna has great experience. She promises nothing but she does a great job! Highly recommend her! She has great patience. I could not speak English well, but she showed me she really cared about us. I give five stars!' SM




Settlement Agreement: Testimonial From VL - April 2018


5 Stars Settlement Agreement Negotiations with Successful Outcome with Tight Timeframe


'Many thanks for all of your support and on-time advice, which has been extremely helpful in concluding the negotiations for my settlement agreement. You have consistently demonstrated high standards of personal and professional conduct. My Settlement Agreement Negotiations were managed competently and with very high-quality professional standards. At such short notice, I was looking for a lawyer to help me with my settlement agreement. I contacted RT Coopers to advise me on the terms and after a few phone calls and emails exchanges, I knew RT Coopers were the right firm for me. The employment lawyer who advised me was extremely helpful in talking me through it and advising me on going forward. She was in contact regularly to update me on any progress. RT Coopers had a clear understanding of the situation I was facing and the strategy to take it forward to a desired conclusion. I am extremely happy with the service, I received from RT Coopers. I particularly valued the prompt answers I received to all of my queries. A very high professional standard and work experience to deal in such situation, has really helped me in taking the right decision. A fast response time and availability of my lawyer has helped me conclude my negotiations in such a short time period. Thank you once again.  I would give a 5 star rating' VL




Employment Law Roundup April 2018 – Employment Law is Changing on 6 April 2018

There are three important changes to take effect as of 6 April 2018:

  • The maximum compensatory award for unfair dismissal will increase to £83,682.


  • Any and all payments in lieu of notice whether or not contractual will be taxable and subject to class 1 national insurance contributions, this will apply to payments made in lieu of notice under settlement agreements.


  • The maximum week's pay to calculate the basic award for unfair dismissal and redundancy pay will increase to £508 a week.


Higher Education : Testimonial From SS - March 2018



5 Stars  Level 3 Fitness to Study Allegation -  Student was facing Withdrawal from studies at University - We prepared Statement for Student to present to Fitness to Study Panel- Student successful and allowed to complete studies


'There is no limit to my gratitude to Dr Rosanna Cooper as she is an amazing human being and such a brilliant lawyer. I thank God that I met her. She helped me through all the way up till the end of my Panel hearing. She made absolutely sure that her job was done effectively. When I started to read my statement, which she prepared, I was so satisfied with the effort that Dr Rosanna had put into my work. You could see how amazingly she had done the job. It felt like Dr Rosanna had been there and felt all the tiny bits of my story and lived through it with me, my life. Finally she could put it all into to my statement and make it come alive. More



ARCP:  Testimonial from Dr WM - February 2018



5 Stars GP ST2 given ARCP Outcome 4 - Drafted an Appeal against the Decision of ARCP Panel on behalf of Trainee GP – Appeal submitted to ARCP Appeal Panel - Following successful Appeal, Trainee GP received ARCP Outcome 3  



'Dr Rosanna Cooper has been a fantastic guide and support through the cruelling Appeal process. I had gone through the ARCP Appeal and Review stages myself with advice from the BMA. I only involved Rosanna when it came to the preparation for the Independent Appeal.   I regret not involving her earlier.  Rosanna took my raw Appeal and in the course of a mammoth telephone and Skype conversation guided me through many alterations and improvements that would be necessary. Her knowledge in this area is superior to any other advisor I tried.  After I had incorporated all her suggestions the Appeal documentation made a huge leap in its professionalism. She then kindly worked on it solidly over a full weekend to meet the deadline.  What she was able to suggest and craft, from my draft, made the conclusions and summary rock solid. She displayed a level of care and interest in my case that was unsurpassed. I wholeheartedly recommend her and the firm, 5 stars'.   Dr W.M


Legal Update: Higher Education – Disclosure of Spent Convictions - The case of HA v University of Wolverhampton [2018] EWHC 144 (Admin) was heard on 12 February 2018 - February 2018



When the claimant was 14 years of age, the claimant committed robbery and assault. At 15 years of age, the claimant was convicted of robbery and assault occasioning actual bodily harm. The University of Wolverhampton (the “defendant”) excluded the claimant from the Master of Pharmacy course (“MPharm”) because the claimant had such convictions. The claimant sought judicial review. The application for judicial review was allowed.




The question was whether the defendant had the right to impose an obligation on the claimant (i) to disclose the claimants spent convictions; and (ii) to obtain an enhanced criminal record certificate (“ECRC”). More



Settlement Agreement: Testimonial From DN - January 2018


5 Stars Settlement Agreement Negotiation with Successful Outcome and Excellent Package


'Given an unfeasibly short deadline in which to complete my settlement agreement, the redundancy lawyer managed my case with amazing speed, efficiency and calm, which assured me that I'd made the right choice of legal representation. The redundancy lawyer helped me navigate through a difficult time, answering all my questions and gave great advice to help me achieve a positive outcome'. DN





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