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Higher Education: Testimonial From SM - April 2018


5 Stars  Parent of SS - Level 3 Fitness to Study Allegation against SS -  SS was facing Withdrawal from studies at University - We prepared Statement for SS to present to Fitness to Study Panel- SS successful and allowed to complete studies


'I have met one of many angels on the Earth, her name is  Rosanna. She knows what she's doing. Rosanna has great experience. She promises nothing but she does a great job! Highly recommend her! She has great patience. I could not speak English well, but she showed me she really cared about us. I give five stars!' SM




Settlement Agreement: Testimonial From VL - April 2018


5 Stars Settlement Agreement Negotiations with Successful Outcome with Tight Timeframe


'Many thanks for all of your support and on-time advice, which has been extremely helpful in concluding the negotiations for my settlement agreement. You have consistently demonstrated high standards of personal and professional conduct. My Settlement Agreement Negotiations were managed competently and with very high-quality professional standards. At such short notice, I was looking for a lawyer to help me with my settlement agreement. I contacted RT Coopers to advise me on the terms and after a few phone calls and emails exchanges, I knew RT Coopers were the right firm for me. The employment lawyer who advised me was extremely helpful in talking me through it and advising me on going forward. She was in contact regularly to update me on any progress. RT Coopers had a clear understanding of the situation I was facing and the strategy to take it forward to a desired conclusion. I am extremely happy with the service, I received from RT Coopers. I particularly valued the prompt answers I received to all of my queries. A very high professional standard and work experience to deal in such situation, has really helped me in taking the right decision. A fast response time and availability of my lawyer has helped me conclude my negotiations in such a short time period. Thank you once again.  I would give a 5 star rating' VL




Employment Law Roundup April 2018 – Employment Law is Changing on 6 April 2018

There are three important changes to take effect as of 6 April 2018:

  • The maximum compensatory award for unfair dismissal will increase to £83,682.


  • Any and all payments in lieu of notice whether or not contractual will be taxable and subject to class 1 national insurance contributions, this will apply to payments made in lieu of notice under settlement agreements.


  • The maximum week's pay to calculate the basic award for unfair dismissal and redundancy pay will increase to £508 a week.


Higher Education : Testimonial From SS - March 2018



5 Stars  Level 3 Fitness to Study Allegation -  Student was facing Withdrawal from studies at University - We prepared Statement for Student to present to Fitness to Study Panel- Student successful and allowed to complete studies


'There is no limit to my gratitude to Dr Rosanna Cooper as she is an amazing human being and such a brilliant lawyer. I thank God that I met her. She helped me through all the way up till the end of my Panel hearing. She made absolutely sure that her job was done effectively. When I started to read my statement, which she prepared, I was so satisfied with the effort that Dr Rosanna had put into my work. You could see how amazingly she had done the job. It felt like Dr Rosanna had been there and felt all the tiny bits of my story and lived through it with me, my life. Finally she could put it all into to my statement and make it come alive. More



ARCP:  Testimonial from Dr WM - February 2018



5 Stars GP ST2 given ARCP Outcome 4 - Drafted an Appeal against the Decision of ARCP Panel on behalf of Trainee GP – Appeal submitted to ARCP Appeal Panel - Following successful Appeal, Trainee GP received ARCP Outcome 3  



'Dr Rosanna Cooper has been a fantastic guide and support through the cruelling Appeal process. I had gone through the ARCP Appeal and Review stages myself with advice from the BMA. I only involved Rosanna when it came to the preparation for the Independent Appeal.   I regret not involving her earlier.  Rosanna took my raw Appeal and in the course of a mammoth telephone and Skype conversation guided me through many alterations and improvements that would be necessary. Her knowledge in this area is superior to any other advisor I tried.  After I had incorporated all her suggestions the Appeal documentation made a huge leap in its professionalism. She then kindly worked on it solidly over a full weekend to meet the deadline.  What she was able to suggest and craft, from my draft, made the conclusions and summary rock solid. She displayed a level of care and interest in my case that was unsurpassed. I wholeheartedly recommend her and the firm, 5 stars'.   Dr W.M


Legal Update: Higher Education – Disclosure of Spent Convictions - The case of HA v University of Wolverhampton [2018] EWHC 144 (Admin) was heard on 12 February 2018 - February 2018



When the claimant was 14 years of age, the claimant committed robbery and assault. At 15 years of age, the claimant was convicted of robbery and assault occasioning actual bodily harm. The University of Wolverhampton (the “defendant”) excluded the claimant from the Master of Pharmacy course (“MPharm”) because the claimant had such convictions. The claimant sought judicial review. The application for judicial review was allowed.




The question was whether the defendant had the right to impose an obligation on the claimant (i) to disclose the claimants spent convictions; and (ii) to obtain an enhanced criminal record certificate (“ECRC”). More



Settlement Agreement: Testimonial From DN - January 2018


5 Stars Settlement Agreement Negotiation with Successful Outcome and Excellent Package


'Given an unfeasibly short deadline in which to complete my settlement agreement, the redundancy lawyer managed my case with amazing speed, efficiency and calm, which assured me that I'd made the right choice of legal representation. The redundancy lawyer helped me navigate through a difficult time, answering all my questions and gave great advice to help me achieve a positive outcome'. DN





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