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Our leading confectionery lawyers will advise and assist you on all aspects of confectionery law whether you are a manufacturer and/or distributor of confectionery products (cakes, pastries, sweet pies and chocolate) in the European Union (EU) or you intend to or import confectionery products int the EU. An expert confectionery lawyer will advise you on whether your products are compliant as you must meet the food hygiene, labelling and packaging laws as well as the compositional standards and procedures laid down by the EU.


Our confectionery solicitors will provide you with advice on the ingredients that are allowed in your confectionery products, for instance, the food lawyer will conduct an assessment of your products and labels to establish whether your confectionery items contain ingredients that are not permitted in the EU or new to the EU and/or whether they should be classed as Novel Foods.


A leading confectionery solicitor will advise you on whether your products may be classed as medicinal due to the use of certain ingredients in the products meaning that the products have been presented as having properties for treating or preventing disease in human beings or containing substances or combination of substances which may be used in or administered to human beings either with a view to restoring, correcting or modifying physiological functions by exerting a pharmacological, immunological or metabolic action



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Confectionery law crosses a number of areas in food law from food additives, sweetners, flavourings, preservatives to the labelling and packaging of foods. The paramount requirement is food safety. Any manufacturer, distributor or importer of confectionery products has to comply with EU and national legislation ensuring that the information you provide to consumers is accurate and that you supply products which you know or presume are compliant with the law and are safe. Some of our legal services are as follows:

  • Advertising and Promotions
  • Advice regarding Acrylamide formation and Reducing Acrylamide Levels in Confectionery Products
  • Advice regarding the Inspection of Milk Based Sweets
  • Advice on Certification for the Importation of Milk Based Sweets
  • Advice on the Restrictions on the Importation of Jelly mini-cup Sweets  and other Jelly Confectionery containing certain Additives such as:
    • Konjac
    • Alginic acid
    • Sodium alginate
    • Potassium alginate
    • Ammonium alginate
    • Calcium alginate
    • Agar
    • Carrageenan
    • Processed euchema seaweed
    • Guar gum
    • Tragacanth
    • Acacia gum
    • Xanthan gum
    • Tara gum
    • Gellan gum and/or pectins
  • Allergens
  • Chocolates:
    • Containing Milk, Cream or Butter
    • Containing a Fresh Cream Filling
  • Classification of Confectionery Products
  • Compliance with Food Information Regulations
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Contaminants in Confectionery Products
  • Distance Selling
  • Distribution
  • Export of Confectionery
  • Flavourings
  • Food Colourings
  • Food Contact Materials and Articles used for Food Packaging of Confectionery Products
  • Food Hygiene
  • Food Information for Consumers
  • Food Law Enforcement Advice
  • Food Safety
  • Gelatine Products
  • “Higher-risk” Feed and Food of Non-Animal Origin
  • Imports of Feed and Food from Japan
  • Import Restrictions on Confectionery Products
  • Jelly Mini-cup Sweets
  • Labelling and Labelling for Confectionery Products containing certain Colours
  • Manufacturing
  • Medicinal ingredients including Confectionery Products marketed as an aid to increase Energy or as an aid to stop smoking  
  • Melamine Contamination of Products containing Milk from China or Hong Kong and Taiwan which either enter China or were originally from China
  • Misleading Information and Misleading Advertising
  • Non-permitted ingredients
  • Novel Foods
  • Organic Products
  • Pesticides
  • Pesticides Safety Levels
  • Pre-Notifications for the Importation of Milk Based Sweets
  • Preservatives
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Safety of Packaging Materials
  • Medicaments or other products
  • Milk-based Sweets containing  high levels of Dairy Products 
  • Small amounts of Products of Animal Origin (POAO) comprising high levels of Dairy Products or Products that have not undergone sufficient heat treatment or require refrigeration, including eggs, milk, butter or suet.
  • Southampton Colours
  • Sugar Confectionery containing Cocoa
  • Sweeteners
  • Sweets with Toys
  • Tariff Quotas
  • Warnings on Labels where the Colours may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in Children


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'Working with the regulatory team at RT Coopers was a real pleasure. They took the time to understand our requirements and was patient with my many follow up questions. They provided excellent advice that we could rely on with confidence. A thoroughly professional firm of solicitors with great support staff. I would not hesitate in recommending the firm to anyone who needs solid legal advice. Thank you.' Prash Lagisetti


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