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Commission Regulation EC No 1321/2013 will come into effect on 1 January and establishes a list of authorised smoke flavouring primary products. Food manufacturers have until 1 January 2015 to comply with the new regulations.


The Smoke Flavouring Regulation EC No 2065/2003, outlines the procedures for evaluating and authorising smoke flavouring primary products. It also made provision for the establishment of a list of authorised smoke flavouring primary products. Recent legislation (Commission Regulation EC No 1321/2013) now lists 10 smoke flavouring primary products that can be used in food along with conditions of their use. These are:


  1. Scansmoke PB 1110
  2. Zesti Smoke Code 10
  3. Smoke Concentrate 809045
  4. Scansmoke SEF 7525
  5. SmokEz C-10
  6. SmokEz Enviro-23
  7. Tradismoke™ A MAX
  8. proFagus-Smoke R709
  9. Fumokomp
  10. AM 01


The smoke flavourings listed above have been evaluated for safety by the European Food Safety Authority.


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