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Employment Law – Agricultural Wages Order 2009 – Increases

From the 1st of October 2009, the new Agricultural Wages Order 2009 (“the 2009 Order”), applicable to England and Wales came into effect. The proposal that was made in June contained a number of provisions in respect of increases in wages which are reflected in the 2009 Order.

The 2009 Order includes the following increases:

  • For Apprentices, the 2009 Order provides for a minor increase depending on age and length of service;
  • Offset for Accommodation has been increased from £4.46 to £4.51 per day;
  • For a Grade 2 standard worker, the minimum agricultural wage has been increased from £6.26 to £6.40 per hour. In respect of overtime, the wage is now £9.60 per hour; and
  • The Dog Allowance has been increased to £7.01 per week per dog.

Employment Law – Paternity Leave – Consultation

  A consultation on the draft regulations concerning paternity leave (“the Draft Regulations”) has been launched by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (“BIS”). The Draft Regulations are applicable to fathers of children that are due to be born on or after the 3rd of April 2011.

The new rights provided under the Draft Regulations would allow fathers up to six months extra leave. The extra leave may be once the mother has returned to work. Furthermore, a portion of the leave may be paid in the event it is taken during the mother’s maternity pay period. It should be noted that in such circumstances, the paid leave would be at the same standard rate as the statutory maternity pay.

The Draft Regulations include the following:

  • The draft Additional Paternity Leave Regulations 2010;
  • The draft Additional Statutory Paternity Pay (General) Regulations 2010;
  • The draft Statutory Paternity Pay and Statutory Adoption Pay (Administration and Weekly Rates) (Application to Additional Statutory Paternity Pay) Regulations 2010; and
  • A corresponding Code of Practice.

Views and opinions are being sought by BIS on whether employers and employees would be able to put the Draft Regulations into effect suitably, whilst simultaneously ensuring that only the specific individuals eligible under the Draft Regulations are able to benefit from it.

The closing date for the consultation is the 20th of November 2009.

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