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In the recent case of Lumos Skincare Ltd v. Sweet Squared Ltd and others [2012] EWPCC 22, it was held that the claimant in this case (“L”) failed to show that the defendants’ actions would cause the relevant consumers to be deceived, as is a required element in a claim for passing off.




  • L was a distributor of high-end skincare products and did so under the mark LUMOS;
  • S consists of two UK entities and a US company. The UK entities sold nail care products under the mark LUMOS, whilst the US company manufactured the said nail care products;
  • L brought proceedings against S alleging passing off;
  • S contended that:

o   L’s goodwill was very small;

o   Their trade in nail care products was different from L’s trade in skincare products, thus there would be no misrepresentation;

o   L sold to consumers whereas S sold to professionals, thus there would be no misrepresentation;

o   The mark S actually used was FN LUMOS.




The Patents County Court decided in favour of S and held as follows:


  • L had used its mark LUMOS only to a modest extent and the figures were small in comparison to the whole skincare industry. Thus the goodwill generated by L was only small;
  • L did not establish that there had been misrepresentation;

o   Due to the fact that L’s mark had very small goodwill and this was limited to a small customer base, the number of people to whom S’s activities would amount to misrepresentation was very limited;

o   There was a distinct difference between the skincare industry and nail care industry.

  • L’s case was dependent on illustrating that a significant portion of the public would be misled into buying S’s products believing that they were L’s products.


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