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5 Stars Sports Science International Student – Withdrawn from Studies – On Appeal Reinstated – Appeal Written and Submitted by our Firm to the University on late Friday and the Student was Reinstated  on the following Monday without any further need for Intervention


'We must sincerely thank you for the hard and diligent work done for the filing of our son’s appeal.  You were prompt, timely and responsive and more importantly very caring and passionate in handling the case. We highly appreciate the work undertaken and the favourable outcome we received. I and my family are all thankful and grateful to you for your great efforts. Very nice to see such a successful and speedy outcome. More


5 Stars LLM Student - Degree Classification Dispute - Appeal Prepared and SAubmitted by Student - Accepetd and Moved to Next Stage


'Dr Rosanna of RT Coopers did a phenomenal job with my appeal for my degree classification. I had previously made three attempts to the University myself, but failed to get the traction that Dr Rosanna’s appeal received from the University. More



5 StarsFinal Year Medical Student Accused of Misconduct and Suspended from Medical School – At Risk of Terminations due to Accusations made against Student - Statement prepared and submitted – Reinstatement to Medical School


'I would like to submit this testimonial following the resolution of a serious issue which threatened my completing the final year of my medical degree. I was unjustly accused of racial abuse against a fellow student and the university launched a formal investigation. I was aware that this issue could, if not handled properly, lead to a formal hearing and possible expulsion from my course. I very much needed to present a case which would stop the process at the investigation stage and contacted R T Coopers for help. More



Testimonial5 Stars Fourth Year Medical Student - Accused of Plagiarism - Studies Terminated- Complaint to the OIA - January 2017


'I asked RT Coopers to help me with my case against my university to the OIA when things were looking completely hopeless. Rosanna was just incredible, she was so reassuring and personally involved from the start, I can’t thank her enough for all the hard work and hours she put into constructing my case, especially because it was so complex. She ensured every detail was discussed and explained and helped me turn things around. I did not expect that I would be able to submit such a strong case to the OIA, I am truly grateful. I would also like to thank her team who put in a lot of effort to help put my case together. Thank you all.' FK




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