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Recent Testimonial:  5 Stars Adivising and assisitng Senior Executive facing redundancy with negotiation of a package to avoid redundancy including strategic advice - successful outcome as  Senior Executive was able to emerge with an excellent package for a new and exciting role - Decembr 2017


'I am very impressed with the service I received from RT Coopers, it was fast, sound and direct advice in terms of receiving written evidence, gave me the advantage. Many thanks to you!'. TC


Article: Higher Education - Guidance by the QAA on ‘How to Address Contract Cheating, the Use of Third-Party Services and Essay Mills’ By Dr Rosanna Cooper - November 2017


5 Stars Dental Student – Settlement Agreement successfully reached with Higher Education (HE) Provider – Course Terminated by HE Provider - November 2017



I cannot thank RT Coopers enough for all the help the firm has provided to me over what was a stressful month. Rosanna had conduct of my case and she explained with  clarity everything I needed to know and advised me of the best outcome. Thank you for making what I deemed impossible, possible. I appreciate your help and will recommend RT coopers should anyone require an exceptional lawyer.’ MM


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Article: Potential Grounds for Revocation of a Traditional Herbal Registration By Dr Rosanna Cooper - November 2017


In this article we will be exploring the potential grounds for revocation of the Traditional Herbal Registration (THR) for product, KGY, owned by a competitor. Your product is YUK and you would like to register YUK as a THR. The key here is that instead of obtaining a marketing authorisation (‘MA’) to place the herbal medicinal product on the market, a traditional use application can be obtained if the criteria laid down by Directive 2001/83/ EC )’Directive’) are met.

This article commences with explaining what the requirements of a marketing authorisation are as, without such marketing authorisations, medicinal products or certain herbal medicinal products cannot be placed on the market. Applicants for a THR must provide evidence to prove that the product (or an equivalent product) has been in use as a traditional medicinal product (TMP) in the EU for a period of at least 30 years (or 15 years in the EU plus 15 years outside of the EU). The article then takes an in-depth look at the provisions of the Directive regarding THR and the potential grounds for revocation of a THR. More


5 Stars First Year Medical University - Withdrawn from Medical School - Appeal - November 2017



'I would like to write this testimony to showcase the quality of the work that Dr Rosanna Cooper and RT Coopers do. I came to them following a recommendation from a friend, and within minutes of the consultation I could understand why the positive reference had been made. Dr Rosanna was kind, shrewd, and incredibly thorough with her work which resulted in a service that felt over and beyond the normal expectations you would have from a law firm. Dr Rosanna Cooper worked tirelessly to a very prompt deadline and I cannot thank her enough for the hard work she poured into my appeal, her honest, professional, and thorough approach to the case really motivated me and made me feel more hopeful about the situation than I had for months, and her example has helped me move forward and to motivate myself to achieve better outcomes in the future. Thank you for all the help and support. I really felt like you believed in me, worked hard for me and it means the world'. KG


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Legal Update: Misleading Advertising - Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) Complaint Upheld - Cashback - October 2017

Samsung Electronics (UK) Ltd (‘Samsung’) was offering £300 cashback to consumers who purchased specific kitchen products from their advert on an offer page at The ASA ruled that the advert was misleading because only two of 84 products in the promotion qualified for cashback of £300 as the other products did not qualify for the advertised amount of cashback.  

Samsung placed an offer page on its webpage at, containing a cashback promotion. The offer stated:

 'Love your kitchen. Love Samsung. Up to £300 cashback.' Smaller text said: 'Valid from Feb 01.2017 to Apr 04.2017', plus a link saying: 'See details'. More

5 Stars Settlement Agreement - October 2017


'RT Coopers has been very helpful and supportive during my case. The lawyer helped me through all the legal aspects of my case and communicated everything very effectively with myself, in terms of transparency and success rates. I would definitely recommend RR Coopers to anyone in need of legal advice. It was a pleasure to have the firm as my legal adviser!SH


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5 Stars Provided advice  on Offer from University regarding Cancellation of Dental and Oral Sciences Course - Settlement Terms Negotiated and Agreed – Advising Student on Settlement Agreement with University  -Finalising Agreement - October 2017



'Thank you very much Rosanna for all the help you provided to me with through a difficult time. You have a great warm personality, and I appreciate how transparent and honest you are. Your advice and efforts throughout the whole issue are very much appreciated. Definitely recommend this firm, the lawyers are reliable, efficient and honest. Will definitely be keeping you in my contact book and will recommend you to friends and family!' KaurK 


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Article: General Data Protection Regulation The protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and rules relating to the free movement of personal data Part 1 of an Article By Dr Rosanna Cooper and Ebby John - September 2017



This article deals with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 referred to as the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) in connection with the protection of personal data in the European Union (‘EU’). The GDPR will come into force on 25 May 2018 and will repeal Directive 95/46/EC with effect from 25 May 2018. The GDPR does not apply to the personal data of deceased persons. The highlighted areas are extracts from the GDPR...More



GDPR - September 2017

See the services we provide on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  More


5 Stars Trainee Registrar in Medical Oncology Specialty -  ARCP Outcome 3 – Drafted and submitted an Appeal of the Decision of ARCP Panel on behalf of Doctor – Following successful Appeal Trainee Registrar received ARCP Outcome 2 - July 2017


'Receiving unfair ARCP outcome (outcome 3) after my ARCP meeting was one of the darkest hours in my life. I felt helpless and in need of help. However, knowing that it was an unfair outcome, I decided to appeal.

I knew that I needed professional help to get the appeal right. Searching online, I found a few names but after deliberating, I chose Dr Rosanna Cooper of RT Coopers. I immediately felt that my intuition was right. The commitment, work-ethic and the professionalism that she embodied were instantaneously reassuring. She gave me adequate time to listen to my case and consider all its aspects before reaching the appropriate argument that nailed the case...' MM More



5 Stars MRCP(UK) Examinations - June 2017


'I am so pleased to have this excellent collaboration with Dr Rosanna Cooper. I am also pleased with her amazing and very professional work. I couldn’t ask for more. She covered all the requested aspects very carefully, providing the best legal cover.  Rosanna has responded quick and in a very short notice for my case despite the fact that it was a challenging case without similar incident in the past. I have been amazed from the broad and very specific cover of the legal aspects for this case.  But, also touched from the human manner, friendly and moral support. I have been impressed by the willingness to provide with further support, additional changes and always with all the respect to me. Without question,  RT Coopers will be always, my first choice in the future.' T.P




5 Stars Sports Science International Student – Withdrawn from Studies – On Appeal Reinstated – Appeal Written and Submitted by our Firm to the University on late Friday and the Student was Reinstated  on the following Monday without any further need for Intervention 


'We must sincerely thank you for the hard and diligent work done for the filing of our son’s appeal.  You were prompt, timely and responsive and more importantly very caring and passionate in handling the case. We highly appreciate the work undertaken and the favourable outcome we received. I and my family are all thankful and grateful to you for your great efforts. Very nice to see such a successful and speedy outcome...'  More


5 Stars LLM Student - Degree Classification Dispute - Appeal Prepared and SAubmitted by Student - Accepetd and Moved to Next Stage


'Dr Rosanna of RT Coopers did a phenomenal job with my appeal for my degree classification. I had previously made three attempts to the University myself, but failed to get the traction that Dr Rosanna’s appeal received from the University... More



5 StarsFinal Year Medical Student Accused of Misconduct and Suspended from Medical School – At Risk of Terminations due to Accusations made against Student - Statement prepared and submitted – Reinstatement to Medical School


'I would like to submit this testimonial following the resolution of a serious issue which threatened my completing the final year of my medical degree. I was unjustly accused of racial abuse against a fellow student and the university launched a formal investigation. I was aware that this issue could, if not handled properly, lead to a formal hearing and possible expulsion from my course. I very much needed to present a case which would stop the process at the investigation stage and contacted R T Coopers for help... More



Testimonial5 Stars Fourth Year Medical Student - Accused of Plagiarism - Studies Terminated- Complaint to the OIA - January 2017


'I asked RT Coopers to help me with my case against my university to the OIA when things were looking completely hopeless. Rosanna was just incredible, she was so reassuring and personally involved from the start, I can’t thank her enough for all the hard work and hours she put into constructing my case, especially because it was so complex. She ensured every detail was discussed and explained and helped me turn things around. I did not expect that I would be able to submit such a strong case to the OIA, I am truly grateful. I would also like to thank her team who put in a lot of effort to help put my case together. Thank you all.' FK




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