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In the recent case of Sulaiman v. General Medical Council (GMC) [2011] All ER (d) 37 (Aug), Dr Sulaiman was unsuccessful in his appeal against the fitness to practice panel’s decision to place conditions on his registration for a period of 1 year.


  • Dr Sulaiman was employed by an NHS Trust as a consultant in orthopaedics;
  • The Royal College of Surgeons and British Orthopaedic Association carried out a rapid response review of Dr Sulaiman’s clinical performance after concerns had been raised;
  • The outcome of the review was a recommended reduction in Dr Sulaiman’s workload and level of practice, amongst other things;
  • Dr Sulaiman did not comply and as a result was suspended and later dismissed from employment;
  • The concerns over Dr Sulaiman were referred to the General Medical Council (“GMC”) and Dr Sulaiman was invited to undergo a GMC assessment of his professional performance;
  • Dr Sulaiman’s performance was deemed:
    • unacceptable on five areas of good medical practice;
    • cause for concern in three; and
    • cause for concern in tests of competence.
  • As a result Dr Sulaiman was invited by the GMC to agree undertakings – these were declined and so his case was referred to a fitness to practice hearing.

Fitness to Practice Hearing

  • It was concluded that Dr Sulaiman’s fitness to practice was impaired and that his registration with the GMC be subject to conditions for one year.


  • Dr Sulaiman appealed against the fitness to practice panel’s decision, under Section 40 of the Medical Act 1983;

           (1)     The following decisions are appealable decisions for the purposes of this section, that is to say—

(a)     a decision of a Fitness to Practise Panel [the Adjudicator] under section 35D above giving a direction for erasure, for suspension or for conditional registration or varying the conditions imposed by a direction for conditional registration;

  • The grounds of his appeal were that the assessment procedure did not provide a fair assessment of his ability to work as a consultant orthopaedic surgeon;
  • The GMC dismissed the appeal and found that the reasoning of the fitness to practice panel was sound.
  • There was no evidential basis upon which the GMC could conclude that the assessment procedure was flawed. 

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