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Property: Stamp Duty – Online Service

HM Revenue & Customs has developed a new on-line and completion and submission service for paying stamp duty.  This service became available on 14 July 2005.  The service is user-friendly, quick and convenient and safe and secure.

Key features of the service include:-

▪      Online completion of forms SDLT1, 2, 3 & 4 with the ability to save partially completed returns.

▪     Extension of the service to include the majority of transactions.

▪     Filing returns for up to and including 99 properties and 99 purchasers / vendors.

▪     Built in guidance to help you complete only the necessary forms and questions, based on the information provided.

▪     Validation of data.

▪     Provision of a Unique Transaction Reference Number (UTRN) and digital receipt for each return successfully filed.

▪     Automatic calculation of any tax due based on the information provided (in some circumstances it will be necessary to calculate tax due).

▪     Ability for agents to send a copy of the return to their clients for approval without an effective date, and for agents to insert the effective date on submission. The form of approval by the client, for the information submitted, is for the agent to decide.

To use the service you need to go to Stamp Taxes Online and register if you are a first time user.

Comment: Please contact us for assistance in completing this form and paying stamp duty.


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